Welcome to CouchCruisin’!!! Sit Down and Let’s Summer!!!

Welcome to my blog!!!.  This blog is for all of us couch potatoes.  It is for the gamers, binge watchers, and the rest of the weekend couch warriors.  I’m Angela and I will be your cruise director (so to speak) on this voyage.  My blog has a couple of purposes, to hone my writing skills, to talk about things I love (games, anime, TV, gadgets, music), and to hear from my fellow travelers what I should be watching, playing, and reviewing.  No politics, just a good time.  So now that we have that out of the way let’s get cruisin!!!!

June is only a couple of days away.  There are a few things coming up that I am excited about, and a few things that have already started but I’m still excited about.  So if you have no summer plans in particular, here are some fun in the non-sun watching and gaming that I am looking forward to:


INJUSTICE 2: Superman’s locked up (yes, the “Man of Steel” now has a record), Wonder Woman’s in hiding, and Harley Quinn is a good guy.  Batman is running things and the Justice League is a thing of the past. But there is a threat that may be too big for ol’ Bats!!!  I am talking Injustice 2, the sequel to Injustice: God’s Among Us.  At its core, it is a fighting game where you can join guilds, level up players with equipment, take your favorite fighter online and proceed to kickin’ ass.  If online battles are a little too intense for you, you can work your way through the story.  I’m a little over halfway through it and it’s pretty good.  I read the Injustice: God’s Among Us Year One comics and I’m here to tell ya it was AMAZING.  You kind of get why Superman behaved the way he did, behavior that led to his incarceration.  I have yet to take a fighter online so I’ll get back to you on that, I’m trying to get the mechanics down and level up a few people.

Image courtesy of Google Images

Street Fighter V: Now, before you start fussing at me about how SFV came out in 2016…SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!  I am completely aware of this.  But did you know, Mr. Smartypants, that SFV is in season two?   Since last year, new characters have been added.  Kolin was added earlier this year.  And in case you missed it, SFV and other esports have become a big deal.  ELeague aired an SFV tournament on TBS and had a special Invitational with the likes of Shaq, Lupe Fiasco, Reggie Bush, and WWE Diva Natalie Eva.  After testing out a few characters, I play Rashid.  I usually get bodied online but, I won’t be free forever (get with tha’ lingo).

Image courtesy of Google Images

Persona 5: If you like story-driven, choose your own adventure-type games, then Persona 5 may be right up your ally.  You play this kid who has the ability to take on personas.  Personas represent your sense of rebellion.  You and your friends are collectively known as the Phantom Thieves and your job is to basically change the hearts of very bad people.  The artwork is beautiful and the story isn’t bad.  Come for the art and story, stay for the music.  It is some of the coolest, jazzy music.  The game is kind of long and may take you the entire summer to finish.  Even then, you may not have seen and done everything.

Couch Watching

Doctor Who: Anyone that knows me knows I’m a Whovian.  This is Peter Capaldi’s last year as the doctor.  Am I going to be as crushed as I was when Matt Smith left?  Well, it all depends on his exit.  Either way, I’m thoroughly enjoying this season.  Last season was a little flat for me but this season has some good stuff.  And I absolutely love Billie.  Finally, a companion that’s a sista that I like (sorry Martha Jones fans but she got on my nerves).

Dragon Ball Super: OMG!!! Who is ready for this tournament to start.  No one can drag a story out like Dragon Ball.  The Tournament of Power was discussed in episode 77.  We are nearing episode 100 and they are still building the arena!  STILL!!!!  I have to say though, Beerus and Whis are hilarious.  They should’ve filled those episodes with more of them.

beerus and whis

Whis and Beerus (courtesy of Google Images)


Game of Thrones:  Who lost their mind over that trailer?!!!!!!  I cannot wait for GOT to return.  And am I crazy or is one of the unsullied about to get….sullied??  I could devote my entire blog to GOT.  But I will just settle for a weekly wrap-up when the show starts. That season finale had me excited for this season (The Walking Dead should take notes)   If you have yet to see the trailer…. Game of Thrones Trailer. You’re welcome.

I know this blog was a little meaty…next week a shorter blog.

Next week’s topics:

E3…why you should watch it

Attack on Titan

two thumb games

The Last Kingdom

Harry Styles is stalking my internets!!!

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