Young Minds in the Summertime

Welcome back Cruisers!  I promised a less meaty post so if you need an introduction to me and what I’m doing, it’s all in my first post.  Thank you for the support!

Couch Jammin’

Lil’ Yachty- Teenage Emotions        

lil yachty
Lil Yachty (courtesy of Google Images)


Anyone that knows me is probably asking themselves, “Angela is in her thirties.  Why is she listening to Lil’ Yachty?”  SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!! I know my age!  And to answer your question…ABSOLUTELY.  I am far too old to listen to Lil’ Yachty.  But I wanted to know why he is popular with the youngsters.  I know him from Sprite and Target commercials.  I know older rappers do not like him or other “mumble rappers”.  I know he’s had beef with Soulja Boi.  So I threw out my preconceived notions, buckled down and decided to listen to Teenage Emotions.  Never has a name been more suitable.  It was like peering into the mind of an adolescent, nothing but genitals, haters, and concluded with how much he loved his momma.  All of this set to beats that reminded me of ringtones.  So basically I listened to an hour-long ringtone about genitals.  So that’s what your kids are listening to if you’re wondering.  I could not remember one line, and I didn’t nod my head to one beat.  Forgettable genital ringtone music.

Harry Styles- Harry Styles 

Apparently, this kid was in One Direction and left to go solo.  And let me tell ya…he was all over my YouTube for about a week.  This guy promotes his music!!!  But what exactly is he promoting?  I decided to listen to his album.  It wasn’t terrible.  It kind of reminded me of the soundtrack of some teen drama like Degrassi or Twilight.  You can picture the scenes in your head.  Guy drives away from his brokenhearted girlfriend to go to college.  He looks back in the rearview as “Sign of the Times” plays and he feels a sense of loss as he drives to his new life without her.  Dry your tears, I’m done with the imagery.  Overall the album was folksy.  His vocals aren’t bad and “Sweet Creature” and “Woman was Good” were pretty good tracks.  If you are a moody, angst-ridden young person, this album was made for you.

Couch Gaming


Stick of Truth
Courtesy of Wikipedia

It is one of my favorite times of the year.  E3 is about to stream on YouTube, Twitch, and everywhere else.  E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  It is where game developers show off the latest in gaming hardware and software.  Two years ago, they premiered Fallout 4 and announced the remake of Final Fantasy VII.  Last year, they premiered a new game that will feature your favorite The Walking Dead/Boondock Saints actor Norman Reedus, Final Fantasy XV, a creepy game called Prey, and the Nintendo Switch.  For the past few years, they have announced the release of South Park: The Fractured but Whole, the sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth.  I played Stick of Truth four times so they need to get it together and release the sequel…PLEASE.  If you’re looking for gift ideas or what’s coming up in gaming, E3 streams June 13-15.   Click here for more information.

Couch Watching

Dragon Ball Super 

Still no tournament.  I have nothing else to say.

The Last Kingdom

Last Kingdom
Courtesy of IMDb

Netflix has some of the best original shows out there.  I have been watching one called The Last Kingdom.  The show is set at a time when England was not England and “future” England had a serious Viking problem.  Uhtred, your main character, has one goal in this “not-yet-England” world,  to get his family land back from his uncle.  Have you ever met one of those people that don’t look crazy but there is something about them that seems just a little off so you don’t mess with them?  That’s Uhtred.  Except people keep messing with the great warrior Uhtred and they pay every time.  Just leave this guy alone!!!!  Uhtred reminds of Jon Snow if Jon Snow flipped is lid more.  At any rate, I am a few episodes into the second season and I’m enjoying every second of it.  There’s betrayal, violence, sex, more violence, suspense, and still more violence.  Great show!

Off The Couch

Courtesy of Google Image

I got off the couch to go to the movies with my husband and finally see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  It was pretty good for a long movie.  I laughed, I cried, I got angry.  Some of those scenes were colorful, I mean all of the colors in the spectrum and some made up colors.  Overall I had fun.  I probably will not leave the couch again until Riff Trax Presents: Doctor Who- The Five Doctors.

I know I said I was going to talk about two thumb gaming and Attack on Titan.  I will get to both of those in a later blog but next week I will give you…..

Orange is the New Black !!!!!!!!!!

Queen of the South

Jennifer Blood

And More….

Keep cruisin’ couch potatoes and I’ll see ya next week!!!!


  1. I do know!? Said Larry. ?I աager he likes angels as а result of
    he has them round all the time. Perhaps ɦe and the angels play household games like wе do sometimes.
    Maybe they plаy Monopoly.? This madee Mommmy chuckle reaⅼly hard.


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