Post-Fireworks “Fireworks”

Welcome back Cruisers!!!  It has been a little over two weeks since my last post.  Sorry, things got busy.  I’ve missed you.  How ya doing?  How was your 4th of July? Did you see the fireworks?  Were they nice?  Did you barbecue?  How come I wasn’t invited?  Enough grilling (get it…sorry).

Couch Listening

Jay Z-4:44

Money PhoneThere was a buzz around this album before the album was widely available.  This album release was clever marketing.  4:44 was released early on Tidal, but only to Sprint users.  Social media went nuts talking about the album’s content.  I tell ya social media is messy.  One of the hot topics was the two lines about how some people do the money phone thing on their IG post.  OH MY LORD!!! You would have thought he wrote the whole album about that!  Some of these money phone rappers got on social media saying they were going to continue to do it and blah blah blah.  All this over a couple of lines….what’d I tell ya… MARKETING GENIUS!!! He has other rappers promoting his album on their social media.

When the album was finally widely available, I listened to it again, and again, and again.  Money phone aside, it’s really good.  By the way…the money phone line was on the single “The Story of OJ”.  That line is not even the best part of that song.  The best line for me was “OJ like ‘I’m not black I’m OJ’….Ok”.  That tiny line held so much more meaning for me than the hype surrounding the money phone, even though that part was great too.  I can go on all day about this album, but I have to answer my money phone which is a jar of loose change on the kitchen counter.

Truu StowrayReal World

I have yet to talk about podcasts.  I listen to quite a few of them, the most popular being Serial (if you have not listened to Serial...go listen to it).  But today, I’m going to talk about a new podcast call Truu Stowray.  This podcast is about one of the first reality shows, The Real World.  But it is not talking about current seasons with cast members who have probably been on a dozen reality shows and all look like models, this podcast starts with the very first season.  The season that looks like it was shot on someone’s camcorder.  The season where no one wore makeup and they barely showed skin (except for Eric, who was a model and showed skin).  This was the season where the cast was interesting, even though they didn’t do much (kind of like the Kardashians except with real faces and bodies).  Eric, Julie, Norman, Heather, Kevin, Andre, and Becky are the originals and the realest, living in a grimy 90s New York.  But I digress…

The podcast is hosted by Dave Holmes (who was a VJ on MTV) and Mike Doughty.  Every week they put out an episode recapping that first season.  So far they have released two podcasts about the first two episodes.  I watch the episode, then listen to the podcast.  It’s like sitting with your friends and laughing about 90s stuff.  It is a simplistic, yet delightful show and I love it.

Couch Watching

Blood Drive

Blood Drive

When I saw the previews for this show and it said “Grindhouse presents”, I instantly knew I was going to watch it.  If you do not know what grindhouse is let me enlighten you.  Grindhouses used to be theaters that showed exploitation films.  The movies usually had sex, violence, gore, you know…adult stuff.  You want some examples?  Rocky Horror Picture Show, Halloween, Coffey, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Spit on Your Grave.  Need something more recent?  Death Proof, Planet Terror, Machete.  You get the idea.  There’s usually not a super complex story, it’s just a good time.

Speaking of no complex story, just a good time…here comes Blood Drive on SyFy.  The show airs at 10 pm.  Trust me you may want to put the kids to bed before turning this madness on.  The premise is simple.  It is a car race across a dystopian country.  Except, fuel is scarce and very expensive.  No worries…these cars run on human blood.  There’s a lot of pointless sex, pointless violence, and pointless torture.  Just a whole bunch of unnecessary crazy, and I’m living for it!!! I have to gig the show on one of its main characters.  He is a goody-two-shoes cop named Arthur.  Arthur is a reluctant participant in this race who is trying to take down the Heart Corporation, the company that runs the race…and the world.  He is pretty annoying because it’s like he doesn’t understand how the race works even though his driving partner (and another main character) Grace has told him.  It just makes me want to punch him.  HE IS SO FRUSTRATING!!


Couch Announcement

Starting in October, I will have a new blog called Ani-Minute Now!!! (working title).  This blog will be strictly about anime.  The meat of the blog will be new anime shows that premiere in October.  I will touch on older anime on occasion as well.  I will still do CouchCruisin’, I’m just adding Ani-Minute Now!!! to the roster.  I’m super excited about this but in the meantime….

Next Time:

Game of Thrones, baby!!!

Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna (just kidding)

Other stuff…

Until then my friends…Keep Cruisin!


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