In Westeros, Out of the Tardis, and on top of Old Smokey

Welcome back Cruisers!!! It is mid-summer.  How is your summer going?  Have you been to enough weddings, family reunions, and barbecues to last you a lifetime?  Are you ready to send the kids back to school after you buy them a zillion dollars worth of school supplies? Or are you wishing for an endless summer?  As for me, I’ve been doing a little of this and a little of that.  Actually, I’m looking forward to the end of summer.  The end of summer means I’m only a few months away from my degree, there is a non-humid Louisiana, no lawns to mow, and of course Ani-Minute Now, my anime blog.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Couch Watchin’


Jon Snow
Jon Snow…Emo Extraordinaire

Your friends of Westeros are back!  If you recall from last season, Cersei lost the last of her (and her brother’s) children and took her place on the iron throne.  Our emo friend Jon Snow is Lord of the North, Sansa is giving him the side-eye, Daenerys is about to make her move for the iron throne with Tyrion by her side, and Aria is somewhere being awesome.  And let’s not forget….WINTER HAS COME.  White Walkers are on the way to chill everyone out (get it…sorry).  Will Westeros band together against the Slurpee zombies?  Or, will they tear each other apart before the White Walkers get a chance?  Is Jon Snow going to start wearing his hair over one eye?  Will Cersei have more children with her brother?  (HER BROTHER!!!)?  I promised no spoilers from the first episode and I won’t, but let me just say this…Aria Stark is soooo gangsta.   She is early 90’s Ice Cube gangsta.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!!!

Doctor Who

The Doctor’s Spaceship the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)

I normally do not write about my favorite television show, it’s kind of a sacred thing for me.  But, I’m gong to let go of my sentimental foolery and talk about it this one time.  One of the most genius things about Doctor Who is its constant reinvention.  There are always new companions, new villains, new places.  But the most wonderful, traumatic, emotional, and creative part of the show is the regeneration of The Doctor.  Once you grow attached to The Doctor, he changes into someone new, with a new face and a new personality.  There have been twelve “The Doctors” so far in the show’s 50+ year history.  I was devastated when the flirtatious 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant) left.   I was destroyed when the child-like 11th Doctor (played by Matt Smith) left.  This Christmas, we will say good-bye to the serious 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi).  It is not as traumatic for me when it comes to Capaldi’s Doctor.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked him, but I’m more upset about Missy (if you watch the show, you know Missy).  They have already announced the 13th Doctor who is….female.  Jodie Whittaker will take on the role of The Doctor.  Of course there are the usual lames who do not want to see The Doctor as a woman, but real Whovians know that it’s not the actor, it’s the writing.  If the episodes are well-written, an owl can play The Doctor and it will be brilliant (get it Doctor Who…I’ll stop).

Couch Playin’

Until Dawn

Until Dawn
Free this month on Playstation Plus

This game is a few years old (it came out in 2015).  The reason I’m talking about it now is because it is FREE this month if you subscribe to Playstation Plus.  I am too chicken to play this game alone.  Thankfully, my husband plays and I watch.  You would think I would get bored watching a video game instead of playing.  Not this one my friends!!!!  This game if full of jump scares, betrayal, and intrigue.  This game is the horror movies you watch, saying stuff like “Don’t go in there, stupid!” and “Run faster girl!!!”.  Accept you’re yelling at yourself.  Let me set it up for you.  Some friends go to the rich friend’s parents’ winter house on top of a mountain.  Something tragic happens.  One year later, they return to the house (I know what you’re saying, “oh hell no!!!”).  But, they are not alone up on the isolated, no cell signal mountain.  Who…or up there?  Will everyone survive?  Will ANYONE survive.  Who’s friend? Who’s foe?  This game has many awesome components.  I like that you do not play as one character the entire game.  It keeps the game interesting that you play as any one of the eight idiots that went back up to that house.  I also like the decision making component.  Do you yell at him?  Or, Are you nice to him?  Whatever decision you make has consequences.  But the most impressive part of this game is the graphics.  This game is STUNNING!!  Hayden Pantierre (the cheerleader from Heroes)  plays one of the characters, and let me tell ya…it looks like Hayden Pantierre, not pixel Hayden Pantierre.

Next time…

Politics (just kidding)


Until next time, Keep Cruisin’!

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