Good Cities, Bad Business

Welcome back Cruisers! It’s been a while.  I like for Couch Cruisin’ to be a platform that is light-hearted.  But, since I’ve been away a few things have happened that I’d like to address.  Don’t worry, I’m coming back with the fun stuff soon!

Crickets on Charlottesville


For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in Virginia.  I’ve been to Charlottesville and it is a beautiful city.  I was enraged and disturbed to see it overrun by the white supremacists, who were not simply protesting the removal of a statue, but spreading a message of hate and intolerance, and trying to incite violence.  It was ignorance at its worst and unfortunately, Heather Heyer lost her life as a result.

After the incident in Charlottesville, I scrolled down my Facebook timeline.  There was quite of bit of silence about the racists and the death of Heather Heyer.  But, in the days that follow, here comes the passive aggressive train pulling into the social media station.  When news surfaced of anti-fascist protesters throwing rocks at police and picking on old ladies, here comes the stupid memes and rhetoric: “Blue Lives Matter”, “what the liberal media doesn’t want you to see”.  Behind the lame memes and stupid statements is a subliminal message.  That message is “see, black people, do bad things too!  It’s not just white people.  See, look what those mean black people are doing to those people exercising their right to free speech.  And look what they are doing to those police officers doing their job.  The media doesn’t want you to see this because they are siding with the black people if they’re right or wrong.  They don’t want to appear racist”.

Here’s another one: “everyone is wrong! we should love each other.” Translation: “I’m going to be a fence sitter so I am never wrong.  Look how righteous and lovely I am”.

Another: “The media is pushing the leftist agenda” or “That’s fake news”.  Translation: “The news is not presenting the facts that coincide with my opinions.”  *Sometimes, the news is biased, but not all the time.  And some of those “news outlets” you all quote or use to prove a point are not real news outlets.  Just because something coincides with your personal beliefs, does not make it news.  Do I really need to tell grown-ups that?

Or my personal favorite: “white people were slaves too”.

Just writing that last statement made me angry!

This passive aggressive crap is no way to address race relations, bigotry, and discrimination in America.  If you think that black people are bad or dangerous or whatever…SAY IT!  If you think that white people are being persecuted….SAY IT!  If you think that black people caused these problems by not letting go of the past…SAY IT!  If you flat out don’t like black or brown people…SAY IT!  If you are afraid of blacks, Latinos, LGBT, Muslims…SAY IT!  If you’re afraid that you are going to catch a beatdown or your opinion…SAY IT!  Isn’t that what

law enforcement is for?  To protect you from those who would do you harm?  Own your beliefs and quit hiding behind overused rhetoric.

If we could just keep it real with ourselves and the world, then maybe a real dialogue can begin.   Also, we need to stop trivializing important issues with memes and GIFs.  They are fine to get the attention but it is not really dealing with the issue.  If we stop being so passive aggressive, then maybe real change can happen.  If not, then at least we will know who to avoid because there may be a problem if our paths cross.  Stick whatever label you want on me that helps you sleep at night.  Call me a liberal, angry black woman, or whatever tired trope you want. Delete me from your friend’s list.  I’m cool with any and all of it.

Hurricane Harvey


Houston is a fun place with lots of great food and different districts that provide different sorts of amusement.  I had never gone to Houston and had a bad time.  I wish the city a speedy recovery from the hurricane.  My condolences to those that lost someone in the flooding that overwhelmed the city and surrounding areas.  Best wishes to those who are aiding in rescue and recovery.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest….

The next Couch Cruisin’ is coming right behind this one and we will talk…

The MTV awards

Game of Thrones (no Spoilers)

Mayweather v. McGregor

Keep it real and keep Cruisin’!!!






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