Draggging, Dragons, Jabs, & Death

What’s going on Cruisers!? I had to take a brief hiatus because I was moving, and that was delayed because of some nasty cold.  But the move is done, my cold is gone, and I’m back in action, and back in school.  This is an all “Couch Watchin'” addition so let’s get to it!

2017 MTV Video Music Awards


It all started off with the lame, hour long pre-show.  I know it is some sort of “catch them if you can while they’re going inside” type of situation, but dang that was a mess.  Cardi B performed “Bodak Yellow”.  That is a huge record so they could have done more with the staging of the performance.  But that’s my jam so I’m going to leave it alone.  Khalid also performed at the pre-show.  I’m not into Khalid like that but he seemed to do okay.

So the show begins and Katy Perry is hosting.  The running gag throughout the show is that she’s been to Mars and she does not know what is going on.  Well let me tell ya, she was not the only one who did not know what was going on.  What in the world was this hosting situation?  Those were some corny, gimmicky gags and I was not amused by them.  And her vocals during her performance…ummmmm….moving on…

Kendrick Lamar opened the show and set a high standard of performance that few would surpass throughout the evening.  Was it just me or was there a lot of bad singing?  I’m an Ed Sheeran fan but he did not sound great, Fifth Harmony did not sound great either (I’m going to come back to them in a bit).  And OH LORD MILEY!!!!!  What in the world?  I don’t care how many old people you brought up there, they could not mask those vocals…yikes!

Lorde went up there and did some sort of dance? Interpretive movement? Loss of motor functions? Something.  Demi Lovato and DNCE performed from Vegas.  They were not terrible performances but not amazing either.  30 Seconds to Mars did a performance using I guess thermal or infrared cameras.  Now, during that lame pre-show, they talked about how they were premiering some new technology in their performance.  I don’t know what I was expecting but that was not it and it was not as amazing as I thought it would be.  P!nk received the Video Vanguard award.  I love P!nk but that performance was a little boring.  I loved the message she gave to her daughter about loving yourself.

Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid did a performance featuring suicide survivors that was moving and got me all ugly in the face.  Heather Heyer’s mom and one of Robert E. Lee’s descendants delivered important messages making me once again ugly in the face.

Now let’s get into the shade.  Fifth Harmony started their performance with five ladies on a high platform.  When they took off their jackets, the fifth girl jumped off the back of the platform.  I don’t care what nobody says, that was a jab at the girl who left the group, Camilla, and I lived for every second of it.  Taylor Swift also premiered her video for “Look What You Made Me Do”.  It is said there is a jab Katy Perry ‘s lack of Grammys but I don’t know.  She also threw some shade at herself.  And Remy Ma called out Nikki Minaj….moving on.

Overall the VMAs were dull.  It was three hours of bad jokes, worse singing, and some shade.

Game of Thrones (no spoilers)


The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones was AWESOME!!!!  They left a few cliffhangers out there but I still felt satisfied with how the season ended.  That Night King is the man!  Cersei is a horrible person, always have been, always will be.  And as for the rest….what a MESS.  GOT snatched my wig, my edges, my scalp, everything!  One small thing though…the Lord Baylish storyline left me with a few questions, but maybe they will be answered in season 8 (the final season).  This is all I’m going to say about this show before I ruin someone’s day.

Mayweather vs McGregor


I’m not a big boxing or MMA fan.  But this fight was hyped up so much that I had to catch it.  I tuned in just in time for the main event.  The truth is, I thought that McGregor would have been knocked out in the third round.  But, ten rounds later, the ref called the match and Mayweather was named the winner.  Whether you agree with the decision or not, you have to give props to McGregor for lasting ten rounds in a sport with rules that are different from his own.  Not to mention the boat loads of money both fighters made.

Death Note

Death Note

When I first heard that Netflix was premiering a live action Death Note, I was excited.  For those of you who have never seen the anime or read the manga, it is about a boy named Light who finds a notebook dropped by a death god named Ryuk.  When Light writes a name in the book, that person dies.  Light is pursued by a detective named L (who is not all that stable). L is trying to find the culprit of these killings, and how they are pulling it off.  Death Note is a complicated story that leaves the audience to question their own moral philosophies.

As for the movie, well, IT SUCKED!  It sucked sooooooo bad.  We (my husband and I) could not finish it.  They kept the characters’ names and the notebook.  They changed the setting (made it American), the premise, everything that made it a good anime.  You probably aren’t going to watch the anime or the movie so let me break some stuff down for you.  What made the anime so interesting is that Light was a regular high school kid with good grades that came from a good family.   He picked up the Ryuk’s death note by coincidence and devolved into a power-hungry, self-righteous psycho with a serious god complex.  His journey into this dark part of himself of his own accord is what made it fascinating.

Ryuk didn’t talk him into writing a name into the book, Light didn’t have some sort of troubled past that leads to his decisions.  Light wasn’t stupid enough to write the names of people he knew.  But the movie writers thought all this was a good idea.  It is obvious they did not reference the source material before making this.  Ugh!  I was super disappointed.


Well, that’s it for now Cruisers!

Next time…

It’s the tenth post!  I’m gonna have to do something special.  I’ll think of something.


Until next time…I missed y’all and keep Cruisin!!!

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