Limitless Possibilities: FireFly

Limitless Possibilities


Firefly was created by the same guy who gave you Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel.  This short-lived Joss Whedon creation was a Sci-Fi western.  Saloon brawls, fortune seeking, bank robbing, and a bunch of “home on the range” stuff happens on distant planets.  I didn’t watch the show when it first aired. I did however, watch it on the Flix (Netflix) and was hooked.  The show revolves around the inhabitants and crew of the Serenity, a Firefly-class spaceship.  The crew hops from one adventure to the next, avoiding the universe’s governing body known as the Alliance, and self-mutilating cannibals called Reavers.  Only 11 episodes aired before the show was canceled.  It sucks that such a great show was eighty-sixed.  But, I think the show was ahead of its time and the idea may have been too abstract for the early 2000s (actual space cowboys).  Fox aired the series out of order which would have been problematic for some of the characters’ storylines.  To wrap up the story, Whedon gave us the movie Serenity which is soooooo good and puts the perfect bow on the story.

Firefly and Serenity show that with Sci-fi the only limit is your imagination.  Space cowboys? Why not!  A heard of cattle on a spaceship? Sure!  The wild, untamed West is represented by the outer reaches of space? Go for it!

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