Let’s talk Cardi B and her “Money Moves”!

Cardi B makes it to the top

You have been hearing Bodak Yellow by Cardi B all summer. Say what you want, the song is catchy and the lyrics are strong. That is why this week Cardi has made it to No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 Charts. Cardi B is only the second female rapper to make it to the top of the charts without another featured artist, the first being the iconic Lauryn Hill. Cardi managed to beat out Taylor Swift’s mediocre Look What You Made Me Do (sorry but that song is corny).

A little about Cardi B.

If you know nothing of Cardi besides her catchy summer jam let me give you a little background. Cardi B was an exotic dancer. She gained celebrity for her outrageous posts on Instagram. From there she joined the cast of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. Cardi is a refreshing departure from the dry characters and exhausted storylines. She is funny, honest, and personable. Cardi B would use the show to bolster her career as a hip-hop artist. This would eventually lead to the present day and the success of Bodak Yellow.

Cardi breaks the mold

If you ever watched any version of the Love and Hip Hop franchises (New York, Hollywood, or Atlanta), you know that most of the women on the show are “singers” or “artists”, and most of the men are “producers” or “managers”. The men are always “helping” the women further their career and they coincidentally fall into romantic relationships. The most famous example of this formula is Joseline and Stevie J. from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Now, Stevie J. has helped catapult Joseline into a famous personality. But, notice I said personality and not “hip-hop artist”. Her dysfunctional relationship with Stevie is why we know her name. You can’t think of Joseline without thinking of Stevie. Just like you can’t think of Tammy without thinking of Waka Flaka. Tammy sings, but I would not know this were it not for Waka Flaka’s infidelity. It is hard to take an aspiring artist seriously when all you can think about is the ratchetness of their relationship.

This is where Cardi B set herself apart. On the show, she did not dip her pen in the company ink even “if she want-ed to “(see what I did there?). She didn’t get involved with the men on the show, so we do not associate her with anyone else. No rachet relationships, just rachet behavior, and we loved every second. So when her song began climbing the charts, she gets all the glory. No Stevie J, no Ray J, not even Kodak Black, the muse for Bodak Yellow could steal her shine.

And the moral of the story is…

The ladies of Love and Hip Hop should take notes. Cardi worked with a producer that made moves behind the scenes, not some guy who gets more camera time than her. Making a hit separate from the show gives her more credibility than the other women on the show (with the exception of Remy Ma of course). If she continues to make good music that is a separate entity from the show, she stands the chance of having a long and prosperous career, “if she want-ed to”.

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