Juni Taisen Zodiac War (Juni Taisen) Episode 1 Review: Rabbit Husbando

Rabbit Killing

Hi Everyone!  Here we are in a new season of anime and we have some stuff that looks to make winter AWESOME!!  Let’s talk about Juni Taisen Zodiac War.  The show is written by Sadayuki Murai based on a light novel by Nisio Isin.  More importantly, it is directed by Naoto Hosoda, the director of one of my all-time favorite animes The Future Diary.  That first episode of Juni Taisen left me SHOOK!!!  So freaking SHOOK!!!  It all starts with this skank! Warning: We have some minor spoilers!

The First Episode: The Skank

The show begins by focusing on Toshiko aka the skank.  Toshiko has to be the biggest hater ever.  She wants to represent her family in the Juni Taisen, a competition that occurs every 12 years.  All the animals of the zodiac are represented.  The skank wants to represent her family’s animal, the boar.  Her father has other plans.   I bet you’re saying “why do you keep calling her ‘skank’?”  Because of how she treated her sister!  I mean…what a hater!!!

Boar: But of course that repulsive woman would be here, wouldn't She?
The Boar

Manipulative Skank and Her Impressionable Sister

So the dad chooses the little sister Kiyoko to represent the family in the contest.  Skank did not like that and goes through a whole lot of trouble to sabotage her sister’s opportunity. Little Boar being push to farShe drives the poor girl insane by feeding the girl’s bloodlust at every opportunity.  She pushes that girl to a point where Kiyoko goes too far…just like the skank planned.  To make a long story short Toshiko ends up representing Team Boar in the game.

The Game

So here we are at the tournament.  The boar, the chicken, the monkey, the rabbit (my personal favorite), and the others are gathered in a room.  Once inside the host asks them to swallow a jewel.  They all do so with no water, no soda, no wine, just a dry, black jewel going down the hatch.  I’m sorry, I’m not gangsta enough to swallow a dry jewel whole without a glass of milk or something to wash it down!  At any rate, it turns out the jewel is poison and it will kill them in twelve hours.  Each player has to get the other 11 jewels before time runs out.  If they do so, they get whatever they wish plus the antidote.  If they don’t…well, you know.

Here She Goes Hatin’ Again and The Action Begins

So everyone knows the rules and the consequences for failing.  Monkey suggests that they join forces.  She says she has a plan to where no one has to die, but she cannot say just yet how she plans to achieve this goal.  Of course, we hear skank’s thoughts and she wants no part of the plan.  She is not a fan of Monkey due to some past situation.  Everyone else is down for the cause, including my boy Rabbit!  So while Monkey is trying to get everyone organized and Boar is standing around hatin’, the room explodes and the floor collapses.  I would love to tell you what happens next, but you have to watch it.  I will say that the ending was fantastic!

The rabbit you have to proof

My Thoughts

I’m not going to talk about the second episode but to say it was kind of predictable, but still enjoyable.  Overall, I love the Highlander “there can be only one” type of situation.  It is what I loved about The Future Diary.  Based on the last two episodes, I hope that the show does not fall into a pattern that will make it a little predictable, and thus boring.    I am rooting for my boy Rabbit because he is fun to watch.  They keep making a big deal about Ox, but we will see.  So, who do you think will make it to the end?  Who is your favorite?  Let me know!

*For more on Juni Taisen, click here for my thoughts on episodes 1-5.


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