Kings’s Game Episode 1 Review: Makes You Want to Cancel Your Phone Service

King’s Game: Kill Crazy October Continues

Hi everyone! In case you can’t find your calendar, it is still October, and anime has the kill-o-meter up to 11.  The newest kill-fest is King’s Game.   King’s Game is an adaptation of the cell phone novel Ōsama Game by Nobuaki Kanazawa and Hitori Renda.  I did not know that cell phone novels are a thing.  They are novels via text messages.  I am definitely going to have to read one.  The director of King’s Game is Noriyoshi Sasaki, and the writer is Kenji Konuta.  Our show starts with poor Kanazawa Nobuaki and the very forward Honda Natsuko. Warning: Spoilers!!!

Traumatized Nobu-kun and Thirsty Natsuko

In the first episode, Nobuaki is joining a new school and the HAPPIEST CLASS ON EARTH!  All the kids are super nice and want him to be their friend.  But, popular pretty girl Natsuko was extra friendly.  Poor Nobu-kun did not stand a chance against bubbly Natsuko.  He was going to talk to her whether he liked it or not.  Natsuko leading the class to be friends with Nobuaki

Nobuaki is not having it!  He does not want anything to do with Little Miss Hot Pants or the rest of the class.Nobuaki has a good reason for his apprehension.  We will find out later that he lost his entire class to a game.  He is the only one that survives the game and it has left him traumatized.  He thinks he can start fresh at this new, super happy school, but the game finds him once again.

The Game Begins…Again

The Rules of the King's Game
The Rules of the King’s Game

Poor Nobu-kun receives a text message that sends him into a panic.  He has to kiss Natsuko within 24 hours or he’ll turn into a toad.  No, just kidding…but he will die.  The game begins.  The next day, the class is joking around, thinking that Nobu-kun is using the text message as a way to get some action from Natsuko.  And in classic “you don’t believe me until you wake up dead” form, he explains what is going on and no one believes him.  Natsuko is willing to go along with it so she can get a smooch from Nobu-kun.  Annoyed by the weird new kid, everyone goes about their business.  Nobu-kun decides to embrace death and let the game kill him and the lovely Natsuko.  Letting Natsuko die so you won’t have to play the game…kinda cold bro!

The Happy Class Breaks Out the Pitchforks

As the 24 hours to comply with the text messages expires, the happy class realizes they are in grave danger.  Wanna take three guesses who they blame for their troubles?  You guessed it!  The one who tried to tell them what was happening.  They turn on the one person that can give them some insight into what is happening and what is about to happen.  You gotta love an angry, ignorant, teenage mob!

Classmate Kicks Nobuaki in the mouth

My thoughts…

We’ve seen this type of elimination situation before.  Some grand overseer puts on a survival contest for some reason we will find out later.  With Danganrompa, it was for ratings.  With The Future Diary, it’s for supremacy (or love depending on your perspective).  We even see it with Juni Taisen whose motivation is god-knows-what since the show just started (here are my first impressions of Juni Taisen).  I like that the kids have to work together to survive (unless that changes later on).   It sets the show apart in that way.  I think my liking of the show depends on Nobuaki and what kind of character he turns out to be.  How did he survive the first game?  Did he do it through his own smarts, or did he get a whole bunch of help, including a sacrifice?  More importantly, what is the freakin’ point of killing off this happy-go-lucky class?  Do you have any theories?  Let me know!Class picture 10 students Xed off


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