Review On An Anime Named Ghost Hunt. Spoilers? I Love It!

More than just scares

Ghost Hunt Cover

Hi everyone! In honor of October, I thought it would be cool to revisit Ghost Hunt, a 2006 anime from the light novel by Fuyumi Ono.  Rei Mano is the director of the anime.  I came upon this show completely by accident.  Going on Funimation looking for something to watch after finishing Prison School, I decided to watch Ghost Hunt after reading the synopsis and finding nothing else of interest.  The show became a nightly viewing.  Most of the stories have 2-3 episodes, which makes the show ideal for binge watching.  There is humor, happiness, and sadness, not just scary ghosts.  I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite episodes, but first I will introduce you to the characters.

The Team

Ghost Hunt Characters
From Left to Right: Masako, Ayako, Lin, Naru, Houshu, Mai, and John

Mai Taniyama is a young high school girl who starts working for Kazuya Shibuya.  Kazuya is the head of Shibuya Psychic Research.  As you probably deduced, Kazuya (often called Naru) investigates paranormal activity.  Naru manages to put together a team that includes his kick-ass assistant Lin, Houshou the monk, Masako the famous TV medium, the priest John, and Ayako the priestess.  The team travels from location to location, helping those who have paranormal issues (who you gonna call?).

The Doll House: Parts 1-3

Evil Doll

The Doll House episodes are terrifying and tragic.  By this time, the team has one investigation under their belt. Naru and the ragtag team starts an investigation of a haunted doll.  Of course, this doll does not just want to hang out, have tea, and eat mud pies.  No, it can’t be a pleasant, happy, doll.  It has to be evil and try to kill people.  The team manages to destroy the creepy doll.  But the adventure is not over.  They discover the source of the haunting, the ghost of a mother whose son is the victim of a kidnapping.

Silent Christmas: Parts 1-2

If you want to crawl deep into your feelings, then grab your tissues and watch these episodes.  I want to cry just thinking of them.  A mute little boy goes missing while playing a game with kids at an orphanage.  It is a game of hide and seek, but the boy would tap a stick on the ground and the children would have to find him.  But one day, he disappears.  The boy begins haunting the orphanage.  The boy eventually possess Mai, and thinks kick-ass Lin is his (or her) father!  Our team would eventually find the boy’s bones on top of the church roof, where he would freeze to death.  Give me a moment….I have something in my eye.  The boy finally finds peace after his body is found and his sad story is told.

Naru and Lin

My Impression of Ghost Hunt

Not all the stories are as sad as The Doll House and Silent Christmas, but all the stories are exciting.  I like the evolution of the paranormal team.  I think if the stories were just Mai and Naru, it would have made for a boring, super melancholy show.  The participation of the others in the investigations brings some fun to the heavy themes. It is a short series without a second season  (it is only 25 episodes), but I get satisfaction from the one season.    So, if you need a break from Dragon Ball Super (even though it is awesome!), and you want something with some substance, I recommend Ghost Hunt.

Mai is mad


  1. my fave episode is the haunted house one, where the ghost comes out of a tub full of blood. hahaha. i also watched this anime at night, so combined with the creepy CG opening, this episode just made me scream.
    I think the smartest episode would have to be the one that eats bad luck or something. I forgot, but it was a very clever and complicated plan from a guy that really wanted his enemies dead. XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. the house by the cliff is the last story right? no, i happened in school, and i think the priest even told the girl to sleep because she is more helpful while sleeping. it’s been so long since i’ve seen this anime, lol

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