Juni Taisen Zodiac War (Juni Taisen) Episode 2-5 Review: Rabbit still Husbando

Hi Everyone!  So we are six episodes deep into Juni Taisen Zodiac War.  I am enjoying the show, a lot.  The pattern that I talked in my first review (Here) is happening, but it does not deter me from a good time.  You’ll find I have some strong feelings towards that skank Boar.  The field is narrowed to five warriors.  Here are my thoughts on a few of the characters and the show thus far. Some spoilers my friends!

My Boy Rabbit

Rabbit is still my favorite character.  I love a character that’s brilliant but crazy (hence my obsession with Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary).  Nothing is cut and dry with Rabbit.  He makes very clever decisions that are successful time and time again.  He is always dressed to impress in a bow tie (and as we all know, bow ties are cool) suspenders, a Speedo, and high heeled shoes.  And did I mention those thighs?  My boy has Chun Li thighs for days.  He can raise his victims from the dead to become his zombies, or his “friends” as he calls them.  They become his puppets and use their skills and abilities to do his bidding.  So to sum it up, he’s awesome and fabulous with great thighs.  Gotta love my boy Rabbit.Theght


Ox don’t have time for your nonsense

The favorite to win the war is Ox.  Ox is a big freakin’ deal.  He intimidates many of the fighters in the tournament.  I’ve seen him fight a little but we have not seen him really cut loose (get it? Because he uses a sword….no?…nothing?…moving on).  His fearsome reputation mostly comes from the other characters’ descriptions of him.  This adds to his growing mystique. I cannot wait to see him go against my boy Rabbit.  The thing I like about Ox is his attitude.  Ox always looks like he does not have time for you…or your crap.  So save it for someone that gives a damn!

Ox looking cool

Rat-The Sleeper

“The Sleeper” is a double-entendre.  Yes, the rat loves a nap (can’t fault him for that!  I love a good nap). But also, I think he will turn out to be a fearsome and grossly underestimated fighter.  Rat is a bit of an anomaly.  The other competitors have feelings of deja vu when they meet him, like the have met him before.  I think because of his affinity for laziness, he fights when he has to and not a moment sooner.   Until then, he will hide in the shadows…like a rat.  I mean his fighting phrase is “Killing All”.  I think we will learn that this phrase isn’t just a nomenclature.

What we know so far and my impression

With half of the fighters gone, what appears to be the world leaders can place wagers on who will win.  Of course, Ox is the favorite to win.  Besides winning a large purse, the world leaders revealed that the world map will be re-drawn.  They also revealed that instead of carrying on world wars, these fighters represent battles that do not have to be fought on a global scale.  It’s kind of a interesting concept.  Instead of sending thousands to die, just send this one assassin with a fluffy tail and high heels…and juicy thighs.

Some of the fighters the world leaders (and I) thought would make it to the halfway point didn’t.  Some who I was sure was toast is still going strong.  Even though those who died met their end in different ways, they all made a key mistake, they underestimated their opponent.

Now that we are getting down to the best of the best (or the extremely lucky), I think the fights are going to get even better.  The fighters will have to rely more on skill and wits than with previous overly confident opponents.  What do you think?  Who do you think we will see at the end?  Who are you cheering for?




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