Evil or Live Review: Watch out Call of Duty fans!

Cool Front Cover

Hi everyone!  Do you remember being a kid and wanting a particular cereal because of the fun character on the cereal box?  The cereal may be disgusting, but you still want to try it because of the colorful box.  Evil or Live is my cereal box.  The title page on Crunchyroll is interesting so I decide to watch it.  The show’s director is Dong Yi.  The anime comes from the Chinese webcomic Lixiang Jinqu (“Ideal Restricted Area”) by Li Xiaonan.  It starts with an internet-obsessed world and a fantastic opening theme song. Spoilers guys…spoilers!

Hibiki cannot unplug

Mean Hibiki

In the world of Evil or Live, the kids apparently have a debilitating internet problem.  They are internet addicts who need reforming.  One of those addicts is Hibiki.  Hibiki loves to play those online games.  He is so caught up in gaming that he treats his mother like crap.  He barely eats because he is an addict.  Now, I am a casual gamer, but my need to be a fat kid outweighs my need to be a gamer so I do not get Hibiki’s priorities.  At any rate, his mother feels like he needs some rehabilitation.  She ships him to a rehabilitation facility.


Head guard is the police

The place where Hibiki ends up is more of a prison than reform school, full of abusive guards and students.  He catches a beat down from the guards on the first day.  The kids exercise from sun up to sun down.  I don’t know why the guards would want to makes a bunch of ticked off, locked up, and abused kids super strong and athletic but….okay guards.  I actually have a theory about that, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s talk about Shin.

Shin: Savior or Schemer?

Shin the Good Horse

Just when you think Hibiki is about to have a rough year, Shin enters with purple hair, a lot of confidence, and a lot of power (for some reason).  Shin makes Hibiki an offer, be Shin’s lapdog and enjoy perks like not getting stomped by the guards every ten minutes, or continue to be a loser.  Shin has some hidden motive that is yet to be revealed.  Hibiki is reluctant to take Shin’s offer.  He doesn’t want to be Shin’s bitch.  Then, here comes ass-kicking Shiori.


Apparently, Hibiki and Shiori are old school classmates.  Of course, Hibiki is smitten with the buxom student council president.  But, she wants nothing to do with him.  All she wants is a cell phone. As you can imagine, cell phones are unauthorized in the school.  Hibiki wants to help her out, even though she does not want anything to do with him romantically.  I mean, he makes her sick…literally.  But this does not deter Hibiki from wanting to be there for Shiori.  So for her and other reasons, he makes a deal with the purple wonder Shin.Shiori Throwing Up

Impressions and Theory

The first episode was not bad.  It was not the best show of the season, but it was interesting.  By the third episode, I did not feel much of a connection with the characters.  In pervy Prison School, I kind of wanted the guys to win. Not to get to feel a boob or whatever they were trying to do…but get out, maybe get a girlfriend. I do not feel that same need to cheer for Hibiki.  Maybe it’s because of how nasty he treats his mom.  Maybe I feel like he deserves to be there.  I don’t know what it is, but he is not someone that would make me watch the show every week.What does save the show for me is the intrigue.  I like a story with questions that do not have clear-cut answers.  Which brings me to my theories on what is going on in the show.  First, the school that is supposed to reform the children are conditioning them to be soldiers.  I have been to basic training and this kind of feels like basic training.  It is only a matter of time before they are teaching the kids combat and weapons.  Second, Shin is related to either the headmistress, the head guard, or some state official.  That is why he enjoys a little privilege and power.  Also, Shin has emphysema or consumption or some other lung disorder.   Looks like I’ll be eating this cereal a little longer, at least until I find out if my theories are correct.  What about you?  Is Evil or Live keeping your attention?

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