Ouran High School Host Club: Deuce Bigalow would be proud!

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King’s Game, Juni Taisen, Uzumaki….dark, dark, and darker.  After watching so many dark-themed anime and reading that dark-themed novel, I’m starting to feel a little emo.  Plus, writing college papers has me completely irritated.

Haruhi No


I need a break…maybe a goofy, happy-go-lucky, stupid anime that makes me smile.  After a little thought (and a lot of wine), I settle on 2006’s  Ouran High School Host Club.  Why this cheese-fest?  Because it is short, light-hearted, and girly as hell!  It is the perfect breather when emo and college papers feel overwhelming.  This show comes from a manga by Bisco Hatori.  It is about a host club in an exclusive high school, Ouran Academy.  The club caters to the teenage girls that go to the school.  Basically, it’s an escort service full of rich, teenage gigolos!  Let’s talk about the pretty boys of the host club.

The Host Club

Host Club Welcome
Foreground L to R: Honey, Tamaki                                                Background L to R: Mori, Hikaru or Kaoru, Kyouya, Hikaru or Kaoru

Haruhi is the main character who we will get back to in a second.  The president of the host club is Tamaki.  Tamaki is vacant, dramatic, and prone to complete emotional meltdowns, but is a nice guy with a huge heart.  Kyoya is the vice president and the real brains behind the host club.  He controls the money, plans the host club events, and always has a money-making scheme in the works.  Then there are the mischevious twin brothers Kaoru and Hikaru.  Those two pretend to have some sort of Cersei and Jamie Lannister situation (as in siblings that are romantically involved).  Honey is basically a man baby.  He’s a third-year student that acts like a pre-schooler.  But, he is a kung-fu master that will end you if you mess with him.  His cousin and servant is Mori, the strong, silent type.


Its A Girl

Let’s get back to our main character Haruhi, the newest member of the escort service…I mean host club.  Haruhi is a natural at hosting.  Ladies love that Haruhi and those girlish looks.  But what these groupies don’t know is….Haruhi is actually a girl.  She’s just a tomboy working off a debt because she broke an expensive vase in the host club and cannot afford to pay for it because, unlike everyone else in the school, she is not rich.  Her father is a drag queen that works in a bar.

Haruhi's Dad

Only the guys in the host club know the truth, well except for the goofy girls in the Zuka Club from Lobelia Girls’ Academy.  The Zuka club tries to “rescue” Haruhi from the host club a couple of times to get her away from those “evil” boys.  But, Haruhi is faithful to the host club and has a positive influence on the guys.

Zuka Club

Tamaki and Haruhi

It is ridiculous how clueless these two are when it comes to romantic feelings….ridiculous.  Tamaki thinks he wants to be Haruhi’s daddy…as in the father-figure kind of way.  But, he really wants to be her daddy in the “give it to me daddy” kind of way.  He has romantic feelings for the girl but does not realize it.  Those sneaky twins see it and flirt with Haruhi in front of Tamaki every chance they get.  Haruhi is just as clueless as Tamaki.  She does not recognize his feelings whatsoever.  She thinks he is just a bumbling idiot with too much money and time on his hands.  And then when she starts to feel things for him, she does not recognize that either.  I bet these two will be 70 before they recognize each other’s feelings.

Tamaki and Haruhi


My Thoughts on Ouran

This isn’t a very sophisticated anime.  The characters are not dynamic and the storylines are simplistic.  But, what it lacks in sophistication it makes up for in charm and humor.  I love how the anime does not take itself too seriously.  It’s a cute little anime that does not try to present itself any other way.  Ouran High School Host Club was just the pallet cleanser I needed after weeks of emo anime and the drudgery that is college.



  1. Don’t forget the amount of times they break the fourth wall. Speaking of 70, I believe that around the chapter’s number where Tamaki finally comes close to realizing his feelings.

    This anime definitely made me laugh and probably is one of my favorites, although I can’t disagree on it’s rather simplistic storytelling. But, it is part of the charm.

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