Mob Psycho 100- I am my brother’s keeper

Happy December everyone!  Well, it’s about that time.  It is time to deck the halls, roast the chestnuts, trim the tree and nog the egg.  I hope your tree decorating is a success, your gifts are under the tree (or hiding in a decent hiding place), and your stockings are hanging over the fireplace.  Yours truly is behind the power curve, because I have yet to deck halls or any of the other holiday-type activities.  I will get there, hopefully before New Year’s Day.

We are going to continue our look at joyous things for the holiday season.  Friendship is last weeks theme, where we looked at the beautiful friendship between Gon and Killua from Hunter x Hunter.  Here is the link if you want to read it: Hunter x Hunter: You Got a Friend in Me.  This week we are going to discuss the bond between family.  Specifically, the love of a brother.

So, we have an array of sibling relationships to choose from.  For this post, I’m going to talk about an awesome anime.  I’m talking about Mob Psycho 100.  This exciting anime is based on a web manga series by ONE, the artist behind One Punch Man.  Before we dive into brotherly love, let’s talk about Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob, our hero.  Spoilers!!!!

A real psychic


Don’t mess with Mob

Crazy mob


There is something I will never understand.  If there are signs that someone is dangerous and there is no way to beat them, why would you continue to mess with them?  In the world of those you don’t want to mess with, there are three people who come to mind: Superman, Goku, and Mob.  Mob seems like a subdued, shy, middle school kid who wouldn’t hurt a fly.  But that’s because he is doing everything he can to control his emotions.  Emotions that, if unchecked, could cause his psychic powers to go…well…psycho.  You do not want to be on the receiving end of one of Mob’s emotional breakdowns.  It is downright scary!  Yet, people still try to take him out, even when they see how unhinged this kid truly is.

An undeserving brother

Jerk Ritsu.png

What is so endearing about Mob is that you can do whatever you want to him, just don’t mess with people he cares about.  That goes double for his younger brother Ritsu Kageyama.  Ritsu is everything Mob is not, popular, athletic, and good looking.  But, he is also something else….a big, fat douchebag.  He lowkey resents his brother for having tremendous psychic powers, since he does not possess that talent.  He ought to be ashamed of himself!

It takes a while for innocent Mob to notice that his brother is a complete hater.  But, the truth comes out when Ritsu awakens his psychic powers and begins to strut around like some sort of douche-y peacock.  But Mob still loves his brother and wants nothing but to protect his ungrateful a**!  Sorry…it just makes me so mad, especially when Ritsu has the NERVE to challenge Mob to a fight!

A brother like no other

Instead of giving Ritsu the beatdown he deserves, Mob is truly happy that Ritsu has the power he wanted so desperately.  Mob comes to Ritsu’s defense when a member of the evil organization Claw attacks Mr. “Too Big For His Britches” Ritsu.  The dutiful big brother (along with former Mob-hater Teruki) even goes to rescue Ritsu when he and a group of low-level psychics are kidnapped by Claw.

Mob hug Ritsu.png

Mob is truly a wonder.  He is not angry when Ritsu turns on him, or when Ritsu is flexing all over town, or when all that flexing lead’s to his abduction.  Mob just wants to be a loving, supportive, protective older brother.  It is a moving and admirable quality that gives the show a lot of heart.

At the end of the day….

So there is slated to be a Mob Psycho 100 live-action drama in 2018.  I hope that it captures Mob’s unconditional love and dedication to Ritsu.   What do you think of Mob as a big brother?  What do you think of the show?  Are you ready for the live-action version?  Let me know!!!


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