We need to talk about Juni Taisen’s Ending

Hi everybody!  Let me start out by saying that I was not going to address the ending of Juni Taisen.  I feel that I cover the show enough (here and here if you have yet to read them) and there is no need to do it again.  But, I cannot let this go.  Before I drag the ending through the mud, I want to talk about where I believe the show started to go downhill.

So Many Words

Around episode ten, they kick up the exposition to 100.  Sure, this show is comprised of wordy flashbacks, but near the end of the tournament, it is annoying.  This is especially true since we do not get everyone’s origin story.  They spend two whole episodes on the twins, zero on my boy rabbit, and what feels like an eternity on the Tiger/Ox situation.   Personally, I do not care so let’s continue with the tournament.

let us dual

How the winner wins


victory.pngI’ll try to do this without spoiling it.  How the winner wins feels anticlimactic.  This is probably because of all the exposition.  After all, it is a bit draining.  They set up the ending well enough.  But when the moment comes, I feel nothing, no joy, no sorrow, no surprise, no relief…nothing.  The winner wins and that’s that.  That part of the show feels rushed.  I mean really show?  We drag out everything but the most important part?

And, do not get me started on the winner’s wish.  I think I eye rolled a bit during that entire “wish” sequence.  I get that it is a big decision, but they could have filled the time they spend on this on other things, like who won the bet for instance.  By the time the winner makes the decision, I am begging for the show to end.

Find the balance

Overall, here is my problem with Juni Taisen.  I feel that the show says “okay, as long as we tie up loose ends then the audience will be satisfied”.   But, for a show about a tournament to the death in a battle of strength and wits, there is not enough tournament towards the end.  To me, this is when the show needed it.  Give me something to talk about after the show ends.  My husband and I always have a little discussion about the ending, but after this one, we both were like, “okay so what should we watch next?”

Throughout the show, you know what is going to happen.  You know who’s going to die next based on the pattern presented in the show and the little hints all over the internet.  For a show this predictable, you need to give me epic battles and riveting storylines.  If there is more Juni Taisen to come in the future, balance the dialogue with the action.  Give me a more well-rounded show.  Thanks.




  1. That’s the real issue with this show. Other than how underwhelming the whole thing has been what is there to talk about? There was no real need to discuss who was going to die next because that was obvious. No real need to talk about how someone might win a fight because every fight was over more or less instantly. And then the one bit that might have generated discussion, how the tournament changed anything after it was done, was never dealt with. This anime just kind of existed and now we’re all going to move on.

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  2. I honestly hope there’s at least a little more for Juuni Taisen. The ending only leaves room for something like a couple OVA’s at best. I’m not gonna lie I liked the whole Tiger and Ox angle, if there’s one that was dragged out too long it was Snake & Dragon.

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