New Year New You: 5 Transformations in Anime

Hi everybody.  I hope your Christmas was awesome.  Did you get what you wanted?  I know I did.  I got to sleep most of the day.  Some people want gifts for Christmas.  Just give me some good anime and a nice long nap and you can keep your money (unless you really want to buy me things).  At any rate, the holiday season is quickly coming to an end and it’s time for those New Year’s resolutions.

Personally, I do not make resolutions.  At the end of the day, it just shows my complete lack of willpower, and that’s a real bummer.  But, I do not look down on those who do decide to make some sort of transformation.  Speaking of which, it is time for my first list.  In honor of the approaching new year, I’m going to talk about five transformations in anime.  Starting with everyone’s favorite nine-tailed fox Naruto.

 1. Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki- from heel to Hokage


Naruto can give a master class on reaching goals.  He vows to be Hokage someday and he reaches that goal.  When the series started, no one believed in him.  Of course, this isn’t Naruto’s fault.  I’m sure the kid did not want to have a demon placed inside him when he is baby.  But just like ignorant people, the townsfolk do not like him.  So he has the odds stacked against him from the beginning.

Naruto never stopped believing in himself.  He pursued his goal with enthusiasm, saved the leaf village a few times, and won over the people.  Naruto winds up being Hokage, against all odds.

2. My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya- from zero to hero


Similar to Naruto, Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia is not “Mr. Popular”.  In a world full of people with superpowers, it is not cool to be a regular guy.  His own mother is embarrassed because he is a normal person.  Then Izuku meets his hero All Might.

Meeting All Might proves to be beneficial for both Izuku and All Might.  All Might needs someone to take over his “One For All” power.  He taps Izuku to inherit his power and become a hero because he sees Izuku’s potential and sincerity.  This is a lesson for all of us.  Even us “regular” people can be extraordinary.

3. Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki- from goof to ghoul


Ken Kaneki’s situation is a cautionary tale.  In Tokyo Ghoul, Ken sees his crush Rize and takes her out on a date.  They talk about books and have a magical evening.  That is until Rize shows her true colors.  It turns out the object of his desire is a bloodthirsty ghoul.  If you have not seen the show, ghouls are zombie-like creatures who cannot survive unless they eat human flesh.

Rize bites Ken but does not kill him.  Ken goes into surgery and becomes a half-ghoul.  Next thing you know, Ken becomes the coolest ghoul in Tokyo.  He is actually one of my favorite transformations on the list.  But like I said before, this is a cautionary tale.  Stay in public, well-lit places with strangers.

4. Kill la Kill: Ryuuko Matoi- from shy to slay


This anime teaches us that if you have to fight, you might as well be half-naked.  This is something that Ryuuko Matoi has to learn in the search for her father’s murderer in Kill la Kill.  Ryuuko wants to avenge her father’s death.  But to do so she has to wear an outfit that leaves little to the imagination.  The outfit is important because it is made of Life Fibers that give the wearer superpowers.

Ryuuko struggles with showing this much skin.  However, her opponents have no trouble fighting in pretty much a thong.  Ryuuko will eventually find the confidence to shed her inhibitions and show them her…..fighting skills.

Dragon Ball Series: Vegeta- from grumpy villain to grumpy hero


This is by far my favorite transformation on the list.  This is probably because Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series is one of my favorite characters.  Vegeta started out as a killer Saiyan that rolls with Freiza.   During this time Vegeta is pretty ruthless, killing allies without blinking an eye.  Even when he started a family, Vegeta is still grumpy, and still evil.

Vegeta would eventually come around to the good side.  But what I like about him is that it did not change his overall attitude.  The Dragon Ball creators could have made Vegeta some overly-affectionate pile of mush, but instead, they kept him true to his Saiyan way.

Transform in 2018

So here is my list of five transformations in anime.  These characters became better than they were before.  I think we should all try to do this.  We should all try to be better people in 2018.  Whether it is getting healthy, getting organized, or being happier, we should all do a little better in the coming year.  So, who’s your favorite anime transformation?  Let me know and Happy New Year!!!


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