I Married Dutch from Black Lagoon

Hi Everybody.  Welcome to Anime Thursday.  I hope you enjoyed me essentially roasting Iron Man 3 on MC Tuesday.  I know after reading the title you are wondering, “What is this girl smoking?”.  Well, let me explain Mr. Judgey Pants.  My husband Beardo (not his real name) is celebrating a birthday next week.  Also, Valentine’s Day just passed.  So, in honor of the man I love, I will explain how he and Dutch from 2006 ‘s Black Lagoon are pretty similar.  But first, a little background on the show.

Does the Black Lagoon Crew have a LinkedIn?

Black Lagoon Crew

Black Lagoon is based on a manga by Rei Hiroe.  It tells the tale of Japanese everyman Rokurou “Rock” Okajima linking up with a small group of smugglers/pirates/mercenaries on their ship Black Lagoon in Southeast Asia.  His joining the team is a complete coincidence.  At first, he is their hostage.  But, he realizes that he digs the pirate life and decides to join the crew.   On the team is Revy, who is an absolute genius with a gun.  Don’t mess with this girl if you value your life.  Then there’s Benny.  Benny is the tech guy on board the Black Lagoon.  I guess within every business, you need your IT guy.  Last but not least there’s Dutch, the subject of my post.  The crew goes on jobs, get into a bunch of trouble, and try to make some money.  It’s a decent show so if you get a chance, give it a shot!  Now let’s talk about Dutch and his similarities to my Beardo.

Black Lagoon’s Leader

Dutch and Revy


Dutch is a former Marine who went AWOL and became a mercenary.  Beardo also served in the military, except he had an honorable discharge and is not a mercenary (as far as I know).  I met him in the military nine years ago.  What I find striking about him, even to this day, is his natural leadership skills.  His presence just screams leader.  You see, a leader does not have to stomp around yelling orders.  Sometimes, a leader carries a presence that people naturally want to follow.  Dutch is the same way.  Maybe that is what compels Rock into joining the crew (besides the yearning for a different life).  He knows the if he follows Dutch, he will be okay.  There’s a kind of weird security in following a natural born leader like Dutch and Beardo.

Three moves ahead

Dutch and Revy Planning

You ever met someone that just seems to have their shit together, but you do not know how they manage to make it happen?  That is because they are strategists.  They are your thinkers who not only have plans a and b, but they have plans all the way to z.  I believe the Dutch and Beardo are those types of thinkers.  They know where they want to be, they know how to get there, and they have a backup if they do not get there by the conventional method. This type of quality is a great balance for the “head in the clouds” type like yours truly.  I find most bloggers are the “head in the clouds” types, so if you’re a blogger, you know what I mean.  Us creative types need the strategist to keep us grounded and moving forward.

Black Lagoon’s Cool Breeze

Dutch Smoking

I am an emotional person.  I can’t help it.  Luckily, I have someone in my life that is cool as a cucumber. I need someone to give me a practical perspective when I am deep in my feelings.  Dutch provides that level-headedness to his crew, just like Beardo provides a level head in my moments of crazy.  It is reassuring to have someone that gives you the freedom to be a complete basket case because they will bring you back to reality.

So, there you have it.  To my wonderful hub I say I love you,  happy early birthday, happy belated Valentine’s Day, and let me know if you’re a mercenary.  I hope everyone will join me this Sunday for Sunday Drama.  We are still watching I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  I have the feeling it’s going to get even more insane!

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  1. Really loved this post! And it’s really funny to see that you got the same idea as I had to give my boyfriend in our 5th anniversary! 😀
    And it’s completely truth about having someone that complements you! 😀 Although our personalities do not differ much, we both are creative and analytical with everything attached to it, We always are able to combine ourselves not in a daily basis, but events basis, meaning that sometimes I’m the one getting his feet in the ground, while others is the contrary.
    I think the biggest thing we are completely oposts he’s that I’m a negative person, while he is a postive person. I can say that combining these two we end up being both more realistic and at my side, I can say that I don’t see so much dark in everything after passing 5 years with him 😀
    Great post and I hope your boyfriend loves this awesome gift eheh


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