Fifty Shades of Citrus

Hi Everybody!  Welcome to anime Thursday!  I hope you enjoyed MC Tuesday’s talk on Guardians!  Today I’m talking Citrus.  So, full disclosure.  I watched it dubbed on Funimation so that I can do other things while watching.  My thoughts on the story are based on the first three episodes so anything after that may contradict my initial thoughts.  With that being said, the show is based on a manga by Saburouta.  Let’s get into it!  Spoilers by the way!

About the show

Citrus Yuzu and Mei

Yuzu Aihara is the fabulous girl in her school.  But then she has to transfer because her mother marries some dude.  She winds up in this extremely conservative all-girl school.  There, she encounters the ice queen Mei, the class president.  She comes to find out that not only is Mei the class president, but her new sister in law (let me just say shame on the mother for not telling Yuzu about the sister).  At home, Mei and Yuzu are sharing a room.  Yuzu starts clowning Mei about making out with a teacher.  That is when Mei kisses Yuzu, and not in a sisterly sort of way.  This leads to Yuzu’s strong attraction toward her sister.

First Impression…Obnoxious

Citrus Yuzu

From nearly the beginning, I do not like Yuzu.  You can be a peppy girl without being so obnoxious.  I came close to stopping the show in the first episode.  It is too much to deal with right off the bat.  But, I let it slide, telling myself not to be so critical at the beginning.   Then Yuzu gets to her new school and that’s too much.  The school is a bunch of freaking automatons walking around, trying not to be individuals.  The grandfather is too much with his elitist attitude on ten.   That lady with the ridiculous hair who I believe is the principal is unnecessary. Mei’s hot and cold is giving me a Christian Grey aesthetic.  All of this throwing themselves forcefully on each other every time they’re feeling frisky.   You don’t have to do it every time you want to build sexual tension or show sexual attraction.  It is all just too much.

Yuzu isn’t all bad

Citrus Yuzu standing up for Mei

Even though Yuzu gets on my nerves, there are some qualities that I do appreciate.  I like that she is willing to stand up for herself and her beliefs.  When her mean grandfather tries to publically shame her in front of the school, she does not shy away from the confrontation.  After she finds out that one of the teachers, who happens to be Mei’s fiance, is a charlatan, she puts him on blast without shaming Mei.  It is good to see that underneath all that BS obnoxiousness is a compassionate, kind, and honorable girl.

Thank you, Harumi

Citus Yuzu and Harumi

In this world of too much, Yuzu’s friend Harumi is refreshing.  When you have a group of characters that are all over the place, you need a character that seems to be a bit grounded.  I like her cool demeanor.  I also like her desire to be a good friend to Yuzu.  She seems like the type that if you’re fighting, she’ll throw her hair in a ponytail and fight right along side of you.


I think that were it not for the characters doing the most, the could be an endearing story of a girl discovering her sexuality and love for another.   It could also be the story of a sad, lonely girl realizing she is no longer alone.  But, like I said, I am only three episodes deep.  Maybe they tone down the obnoxiousness.  Maybe Mei does make that realization.  I’ll try to get back into it when I have more time and I’ll get back to you.

So, that’s it for Citrus.  Let me know what you think of this show.  Make sure you join me next Thursday for another anime adventure!  Until then, we watch our final episodes of I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper this Sunday!


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