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Sword Art Online

Hi everybody!  Welcome to a special Anime Thursday.  I am apart of an awesome Facebook group call Anime Blogging Party.  It’s a place for your fave ani-bloggers to discuss anime and post their work.  Every week one of the bloggers is given the task of picking an anime to discuss.  Last week was my turn.  I decided to go with Sword Art Online.  We had a great discussion about the show.  I posted the conversation below.  I will also tag the bloggers so you can read their thoughts on other anime.  Alright, enough of my mouth.  Let’s hear what your faves have to say about SAO.

Me: What up peeps!!! So I’ve been tapped to pick our next anime. So I offer unto you Sword Art Online. There are several MMORPG anime out there, but the first season of SAO is by far my favorite. I think it’s because it actually feels like an RPG. The main character Kirito makes decisions and interacts with other players like a real life player. It’s not just video game words thrown into a fantasy-style anime. So there ya go! What are your thoughts on SAO???

Sword Art Online

Mara (Kimchisama): I too really enjoyed the first season of SAO I stopped around the time when they when into the second game. The characters and the story were just so great and the stakes high. I liked that you couldn’t predict this anime although it was expected for the hero to win in the end. This anime lost me when the whole “mommy and daddy” things started. I think what made the first season great was the action, stakes, and the hint of romance. Sorry to me them playing mom and dad with a kid took away the fantasy of the romance for me, and it was just weird…

Me: Yea I was giving mommy and daddy thing the side eye. The second season did not give me the feeling of being immersed that the first season gave me.

Nathan (Jon Spencer Reviews): Show is pretty good despite its flaws. It’s engaging. The first half of season one I’m there with you with the second half being among the worst.  Season two had interesting ideas, such as Kirito having some (retcon) trauma. Though, it had one awful filler arc :/ easily the worst bit. Mother’s Rosario was the first time I genuinely felt the writting was on point. The tease for the next bit at the arcs conclusion was tone deaf though.  Long story short, the series has problems but it is a good time. It also depends on when you watch this because I could see that if you’ve seen a lot prior to this you might not enjoy it vs if you watched early in.

Me:  The filler arc is too much!

Nathan: It’s so bad, like why even adapt it?


Karandi (100WordAnime):  I definitely found that SAO lost momentum after they actually escaped from SAO. While Asuna’s rescue in the Fairy Dance arc was dramatic, nothing really feels all that concerning given kind of the biggest issue they could face was the first story we were told. It’s one of those stories that I think should have just told its story and been done, as it feels increasingly like they just want to keep going for the sake of it rather than because there is a story to tell. That said, I’ll keep watching it because I really did love that first arc and I really like the characters.

Sword Art Online 2

Me:  I also feel that should have stopped after that first arc. I’d rather have one good arc I can watch over and over than several “meh” arcs.

Karandi: I’m with you. I would even be fine if they’d doubled the length of that first arc, given more of the supporting cast their moments and skipped over a little less of the time they spent in the game (still appreciate they didn’t make us watch them grind every floor, but a little more would have been nice), and then ended the show with them beating the game. Would have been excellent and wouldn’t have to increasingly see that Kirito has already peaked as a character so future arcs can’t really do anything with him anymore.

Sword Art Online

Marth (Marth’s Anime Blog): personally, i tend to just find it amusing how polarizing this show is. i dont particularly have strong leanings on it…didnt think it was horrible, but i also didnt really like too much. i agree that the show gets less interesting when aincrad ends…the drama starts feeling more empty.  as for the first season in particular, i found it kinda weird that they started the series (after setting up the initial scenario in the first episode) by showing stories with the side characters, most of whom contribute nothing to the main story once it starts.  also not sure i agree on kirito interacting like a normal player. maybe a stereotypical player, but usually mmo players arent so isolated and grindy.

Me:  I think kirito acts like a normal RPG player. As far as the MMO part, I think it depends on the player. I know when the hub plays MMORPGs, he’s a bit grindy. It puts me to sleep.

Marth: well, kirito pretty much goes off into a corner and plays by himself while the rest of the world is trying to work together. it’s more that i dont find that type of behavior typical (i say that knowing full well that ive played mmos with absolutely no collaboration in the past). i havent played all too many mmos in the past, but i dont think even power players would play that way, especially in a game with raid-style bosses

Me: You have a valid point there. I’ve never seen any player tackle raid-style bosses solo.

Nathan: that’s more to do with the author who had never player an MMO. He wrote Kirito to be the player “he’d want to be”


Arthifis (Arthifis Place): Finally an Anime I’ve watched xD so as everyone said I loved sao until they changed the game! Although I don’t think that the Anime is the one portraiting mmorpgs the best, for that we have log horizon (which ended up boring me to dead and I just dropped it).  Contrary to most of yours comments I loved the playing mommy and daddy, to be honest I think the relationship between the main characters is what shines the most and made me binge watch the Anime! I think the idea was really cool, basically they gave up and thought “well since we can’t get away from here the best we can do is start living here”.  Being that said, I didn’t really get the part of the sister starting falling for kirito… I just don’t think it’s something they needed to add and just felt strange and out of place.  Regarding the second season, well I dropped after a couple of episodes so I can’t really say much about it, the only thing I have is, stop trying to over sell shows! Yeah it was good and brought a lot of money? Leave it there and bring something new… It’s better than destroying a show that so many people love xp

Sword Art Online II

Me: OMG I completely forgot about the sister. Yea, I didn’t like her.

Nathan: cousin but raised as sister. That plot is convoluted. On the one hand, makes some sense but…

There you have it!  Make sure you click on these amazing bloggers, like, and comment on their blogs.  Also, check out Anime Blogging Party on Facebook!  This week, Karandi takes the lead with Psycho Pass.  I will see you Sunday for Sunday Drama!


    1. Ahahah I knew that the Log Horizon comment would come back to me ^.^’ It’s not a bad Anime, not in a million years! I agree with you, but it was just not for me! I was really into it in the beginning but then the pace dropped a lot and I just got more and more bored though >.<

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    1. I was writing my thoughs on it in the bus this morning, but then the bus went from empty to packed in a second and with all the noise I was just not able to concentrate to end the comment >.< But I'll give my input before the week ends 😛

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  1. I was really looking forward to watch SAO. I enjoy rpg so much and think it’s an amazing idea for an anime to play with this unvierse 🙂 Since it was on Netflix I started watching it there but I felt like lots of episodes were missing, I couldn’t figure out a general plot and characters usually stayed for 1 episode and then disappeared… maybe Netflic cut off a few episodes ?
    Anyway you seem to really like it so I’ll probably try to watch it again on another platform 🙂


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