Walking and Boxing: Megalobox Review


Hi everybody!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was pretty good.  Saturday, I could not go to my usual spot to walk.  There is a lovely running trail next to a river where I go for a little exercise.  But on Saturday, the weather was shakey.  There are thunderstorms and high winds.  I decide to skip the trail and go to the gym and walk on the treadmill.  When I walk in, everyone is in the shape of our main character in the anime I’m about to discuss.  Men, women, short, and tall.  Everyone has the hard body.  Then I arrive with my pink bangs, tattoos, and “bad body” (something my old First Sergeant used to say).  I felt awkward in the presence of so many macho, macho men and women, but I powered through my workout.    Today is cold, but I returned to the comfort of the trail by the river.


Enough about my workout issues, let’s talk Megalobox.  This boxing anime is from TMS Entertainment, home of Detective Conan and the awesome Lupin the 3rd.  So, strap on the gloves and let’s talk Megalobox.

Tragic Boxer


If you have yet to watch the show, let me give you a little background.  Junk Dog is a boxer that wears these mechanical arms in underground boxing matches.  JD is not happy with his current situation and wants something more (I’m not going to tell you the situation in case you want to watch).  A chance encounter brings about an opportunity to show his true power.

Eye rolls to the visuals


Within the first few seconds of the show, I almost left.  It looks like they are trying to capture a Cowboy Bebop type of feel with the visuals and music.  The old-school type of animation feels ill-suited for the synopsis.  Even the swagger of JD reminds me of Spike.  I do not want a reincarnation of Spike or Cowboy Bebop.  Bebop does not need a boxing version.  It’s already legendary without your help Megalobox!

But then…


Just when I think this is going to be a hard pass for me, JD encounters who I’m assuming will be his rival, Yuri.  Visuals aside, the tension that builds up between the two fighters peaks my interest.  The show goes out of its way to let you know that JD is special.  Yuri senses this about JD and vice versa.  It sort of gives you this feeling of anticipation, especially near the end, where it looks like they are working up to a great showdown.  That type of Rocky/Apollo main event buildup will make me come back for episode two.


As I said in my top five post a few weeks ago, the fight scenes are going to make Megalobox worth watching.  However, unless they throw in a decent storyline, I do not think the anime is going to see a season two.  Based on this first episode, I don’t think JD is interesting enough character outside the ring.  They need to give us something to connect us with this character, and quick before we lose interest.

Wrap it up…

Well, there you have it!  Have you watched Meglobox?  What did you think?  Do you prefer the gym or somewhere else for exercise?  Let me know!  Tomorrow we’re watching Captain America: Civil War.  We are inching closer to Infinity War.  Are you ready?  I’m going to talk Magical Girl Ore for Anime Thursday so make sure you come back.

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