Melancholy in the Spring: Magical Girl Site Review


Hi everybody!  It’s anime Thursday once again!!!  I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Doctor Strange for MC Tuesday.  It’s spring (even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it).  In the deep south, that means that it’s time to cut the grass and contend with those weird weeds that grow this time of year.  I was just outside mowing the lawn and my nose has not stopped itching.  Either way, the job is done and it’s time to talk anime.


Today’s show is Magical Girl Site.  I was surprised to see that this show is not on Crunchyroll (for some reason, I feel that everything is supposed to be on the Crunch).  I watched the show on Amazon Prime.  The show is based on the manga by Kentarou Satou.  Spoilers folks!

Prepare to Feel…Bad


Let’s talk about Morikawa.  She is our main character and her life is terrible.  She is bullied at school by three evil girls.  Then, she goes home and her brother beats the crap out of her to relieve stress.  Of course, her parents think that he is the bee’s knees and pays Morikawa little attention.  Because she is so miserable, she is endowed with magical powers from a mysterious website.  She also meets Tsyuno, another girl with magical powers.


When it comes to Morikawa’s miserable life, the show goes out of its way to show her misery.  When she is nearly sexually assaulted, I thought, “Okay show, we get it!  Her life sucks! Damn!”.  It is too much unnecessary violence to prove a point and it is a waste of time.  The show could spend this time showing her powers and learning about the site.

Glossing Over the Site


This show is very similar to Riddle Story of the Devil.  We have a weak, pitiful girl teaming up with a tough girl to defeat a bunch of crazy girls.  They both also have titles that are not really featured in the show.  In Magical Girl Site, I wish that we saw more about the site in the first two episodes.  We kind of gloss over it and go back to the gratuitous violence.  Perhaps in future episodes, we will see more of the site.  Otherwise, they need to change the name of the show to “Miserable Girls Trying Not To Die”.


Overall, I’m close to passing on this show.  It just feels like a whole bunch of style with no substance.  The storyline is too generic.  It’s a boring Thelma and Louise-type situation combined with a boring end of days scenario.  I saw more potential in the trailer than in the show.  I think I will give it one more episode.  It looks like more of what I saw in the second episode, so it will probably be my last visit.

Wrapping it up

Well, there you have it.  The spring lineup of new shows is kind of mediocre.  I have watched five of the shows on my top-five list (this includes honorable mentions) and only one is showing some potential.  Speaking of that list, this Sunday I will return to Megalobox to discuss the second episode.  Normally, I would not return to a show so soon, but the show taught me a bit of a lesson.

What do you think of Magical Girl Site?  Does spring have your yard looking crazy??? Let me know!  I will see you Sunday!




  1. I kind of wanted to see if Magical Girl Site was going to go anywhere, but for various reasons I’ve given up on my Prime Video subscription so I won’t be able to watch future episodes. So that was a drop from my list outside of my control.

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