The Learning Curve: Megalobox Episode Two Review


Hi Everbody!  I hope you’re having an amazing weekend.  I spent this morning catching up on some anime.  Now, I have the TV tuned into Lifetime, watching a terrible movie…just terrible.  The movie has some old friends on a scavenger hunt, trying to find out who killed their friend.  It’s awful but I need to finish this garbage movie.


At any rate, I want to revisit Megalobox.  I usually do not revisit an anime this early, but a learning opportunity presented itself.    I started this blog less than a year ago and still have a lot to learn.  The more I do this, the more knowledge I gain.  Megalobox brings about another valuable lesson.  To elaborate, I need to revisit some thoughts on the first episode.  Spoilers, guys!

Quick Reminder


I’m not going to go into too much detail about my thoughts on the first episode (here’s that review).  But I do want to point out a few of my critiques.  I took issue with the overall aesthetic of the show.  It gave me imitation Cowboy Bebop vibes.  I also said that the scenes out of the ring may not be interesting.

Episode Two


Episode two picks up where the first episode leaves off.  Junk Dog is about to fight Ivan in an underground boxing match.  To no one’s surprise, Ivan wins.  JD does well, which Ivan acknowledges by saying he will fight JD again in Ivan’s ring, Megalonia.  So, JD and his douche of a partner Pops takes steps to make JD a citizen (JD’s new name is Joe). This citizenship will get him into the official boxing tournament.

The Two Episode Minimum


Here is where my learning curve comes into play.  I was wrong on both points I made in the initial review.  The visuals and music in the show give it a subtle, but gritty feel.  If you ever watched the first season of The Wire, it gives me that sort of feeling.   Also, in the second episode, the outside-of-the-ring scenes give you a better understanding of what motivates the characters.  The second episode increased my fondness for the show.


This is the only show this season that I did a review after the first episode instead of the second.  If I waited, I would have had a full picture of the show and given it more credit.  In all the anime I watched so far, the first episode introduces you to the characters and the world.  It is the second episode the gives you a better picture of what the show has in store.  If I did not watch the first two episodes of Libra of nil Admirari, I would not have known that is was a mediocre reverse harem.  So now I know, I will reserve judgment until the second episode, unless that first episode is so extraordinary, that I need to talk about it.

Wrapping it Up

Well, there you have it.  I have a new likeness for Megalobox and I learned a bit of a lesson.  Anime Thursday will be Butlers: Chitose Momstse Monogatari (Butlers x Battlers).  Until then, I will see you on MC Tuesday for Spiderman: Homecoming.  By the way, the Lifetime movie ended.  It was stupid.  Hit me up on social media folks!!!


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