Two Eyes and a Partially Functioning Brain: Spring Anime I Missed

Hi everybody!  There are so many anime to cover.  You have old anime, new anime, movies, adaptations, etc.  Unless you do this every day all day, it is difficult to cover everything that happens in a season. Thank goodness the ani-blogger community is an awesome community full of thoughtful and fantastic bloggers.  So, since I am not able to get to every anime this season, I thought I would point you in the direction of some ani-bloggers that covered anime that I either did not watch or did not write about.    The only requirement I have in choosing who to recommend is that they covered a majority of the show.  Let’s get into it!

Golden Kamuy and Caligula

When deciding on which anime to cover this season, I looked at synopses and trailers.  For some reason, the trailers for Golden Kamuy and Caligula did not speak to me.  That’s okay though. Marth’s Anime Blog is my go-to for both anime.  Reading Marth’s posts makes me feel we are watching it together…with snacks.  I appreciate the “we’re all friends here” feeling I get. So, I feel like I didn’t miss anything from not watching Golden Kamuy and Caligula.

Gegege no Kitaro


I have actually watched some of this.  It’s really cute but I just don’t write about it.  But if you want to know about this show, head over to 100 Word Anime and let Karandi get you together.  I like how she brings an analytical, scholarly approach to her reviews, without being pretentious.  100 Word Anime just celebrated its two-year anniversary.  Go over there and read the reviews on Gegege no Kitaro and you will find out why it’s been here for two years and hopefully many more.

Persona 5



I had every intention of watching this anime.  Because I’m playing the game, I could not bring myself to watch it.  I will spend over 100 hours on the game.  I just do not have the energy to watch and play the game.  Cactus Matt on Anime Q and A has the Persona 5 review covered.  Full disclosure: I just discovered this blog while researching this post.  But, I have no regrets about the recent discovery.  The Q and A format is refreshing.  It’s fun to say to myself, “I had that exact question!”.  It’s nice to meet you Cactus Matt and thanks to you for your thoughts on Persona 5.

Wrapping it up

I love that you come to Couch Cruisin’ to hear my opinions on anime.  It’s truly humbling to know that someone is reading my work.  But I understand that some need a second opinion or a full picture of what’s going on in anime.  Heck, some may like one anime while others do not.  The varying experience with anime is what makes the anime blogging community fun.  We all have opinions, we respectfully disagree at times, and we all bring fresh perspectives.  Besides the three bloggers I mentioned, makes sure you click on the links on the side of my blog for other “bloggers I follow”.  And, make sure you go to the Anime Blogging Party Facebook page for more anime content.

Well, that’s all for me!  Next Thursday will be my look at Hinamatsuri.  I finally finished Darling in the FranXX.  Be on the lookout for a deep dive into this anime.  I have so many thoughts on the themes that it will take me some time to do it justice.  Until then, be sure to join me for Thor: Ragnarok for MC Tuesday.  I know that Infinity War fever is high right now.  Re-discover how we got here! Catch me on social media.  Have a fantastic week!




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