How’s It Going? Spring Season Progress Report: Part 1

Hi everybody!  I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Black Panther for MC Tuesday.  I was going to talk about Batman Ninja, but I have yet to watch it.  So, I thought we could check-in on some of the spring season anime.  Some anime have let me down.  Other’s have blown my mind.  Which is which?  You will find out in this two-parter.  For each show I’m discussing, I’m going to give you a quick summary of where we are in the anime, then I’m going to tell you how I feel about it.  Spoilers ahead friends!  Let’s start with Libra of Nil Admirari.

Libra of Nil Admirari


In the latest episode…

In episode 5, a woman is found murdered with a lilac in her mouth.  Next to her is a book by Shizuru Migiwa, who resides in the headquarters of the Imperial Library Intelligence Asset Management Bureau.  Tsugumi and the rest of the team investigate.  They discover and apprehend the culprit, a super fan of Shizuru’s work.

My thoughts…

If you recall in my original review of the show, I was not impressed by this show.  As of this episode, I’m still not impressed.  This is the first interesting episode of the season, and it is just a little interesting.  I do not connect with the characters and there is not as much intrigue as I would like.  If you pass on this show, you’re really not missing much.

Butlers x Battlers


In the latest episode…

In episode 6, student council president J learns that the council’s meeting place (an old mansion) is up for demolition.  This is J’s old home from 100 years ago.  The rest of the council try to start a rumor that there are ghosts in the mansion.  Also, J steals his sister’s pendant from Tsubasa.  Then, a mysterious “butler” steals it from him.  A battle ensues which results in student council vice president Haruto getting hurt.

My thoughts…

This show takes what I’m calling “stupid left turns”.  The story is there, but then there is pointless filler before we get to the meat and potatoes.  This annoys me because I am actually interested in J’s story, but I have to deal with the nonsense that hinders full immersion in that story.

Magical Girl Site


In the latest episode…

In episode 5, Aya discovers Tsuyuno’s prisoner in her apartment.  The prisoner is the man that killed Tsuyuno’s parents.  She tortures this man regularly.  As Aya learns this, her bully Sarina discovers them.  Sarina is now a magical girl and tries to kill the pair.  Meanwhile, idol Nijimi is going to kill her best friend’s killer.

My thoughts…

If there is an award for “most improved”, it would go to Magical Girl Site.  If you recall from my review, I was close to passing on this show.  Now, I’m looking forward to seeing where the anime goes.  Nana, the site administrator, is more of a factor, there are more enemies, and Aya is coming into her own.

Wrapping it up…

Well, that’s part one of our little progress report.  This Sunday I will conclude with my top three anime of the spring season…so far.  If you follow me on social media, you probably already know my top three.  For the next MC Tuesday, we will examine upcoming titles for the MCU.  Be sure to find me on social media.  Also be on the lookout for the Couch Jammin’ playlist on Spotify!

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