How’s it Going? Spring Season Progress Report Part 2

Hi everybody!  How was your weekend?  Are you a mom?  Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?  I’m not a mom but I still had a nice weekend.  I went to eat hibachi and drink warm sake.  I finally saw Infinity War.  It was awesome!  But I’m not going to spoil it yet.

At any rate, let’s conclude my progress report on the spring season.  I’m about to give you my top three anime so far.  Now, this does not include ongoing shows like Food Wars, nor shows I have not watched like Persona 5.  This is just new anime that I’ve been watching.  Last week, I talked about my three least favorite which includes Libra of Nil Admirari, Butlers x Battlers, and Magical Girl Site.  Let me enlighten you on my favorites so far.

Magical Girl Ore


In the latest episode…

In episode 6, Saki, Sakuyo, and their manager have a gig at a hot spring.  While there, they bump into Mohiro and Hyoue who wrapped up a video.  While at the spring Mohiro and Saki wind up in the hot spring.  Of course, Saki is a man and is trying to maintain this form while in the spring with Mohiro.

My thoughts…

This one and my second favorite were running neck and neck.  But, episode 5 of this show was a bad one.  This show is pretty stupid, but that’s what makes it charming.  I love that Saki and Sakuyo are a girl group, but Saki can’t sing.  There are cute little moments all over the place.  Sometimes, you need a break from heavy content in favor of something corny, but also light-hearted and entertaining.



In the last episode…

Episode 6 introduces us to Nitta’s mother and sister, who meet Hina for the first time.  Of course, the entire meeting is a mess.  But, this is also when Nitta proclaims that Hina is his daughter.  The second half of the episode shows Anzu parting ways with her homeless family because they have to evacuate the park.  Anzu winds up moving in with restaurant owners the Harashi family.  This was an absolute tear-jerker.

My thoughts…

I must be going soft because these type of anime are not usually my cup of tea.  But, Hinamatsuri is absolutely endearing.  I love how these little girls carved out a life and family for themselves in an unfamiliar world.  I think the reason this show is connecting with me is that I am cheering for Hina and Anzu to live happy lives.



In the latest episode…

Episode 6 is a continuation of the previous episode, where Joe is boxing against Aragaki, his coach Nanbu’s former protege.  Joe is getting demolished in the ring.  But, he manages to wear down Aragaki, who is boxing on prosthetic legs.  Aragaki forfeits that match and Joe wins.

My thoughts…

This is my winner for the spring season so far.  With every episode, the show gets better.  The moments outside of the ring build the anticipation for the moments inside the ring.  The music, the animation, the raw and gritty characters, combine for an exciting and satisfying show.  With the right voice actors, I dare say that Megalobox is Toonami worthy.  This anime needs as many eyes on it as possible.

Wrapping it Up

Well, there you have it!  I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about for anime Thursday.  Follow me on social media, I’ll let you know.  Until then, join me tomorrow for MC Tuesday.  I’m not going to discuss Infinity War yet, but I will discuss upcoming MCU titles.  This is going to be tough because Infinity War is a factor.  I will discuss the movie next week.  I cannot wait!  I will see you tomorrow!


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