The Best and the BBQ: Let’s Talk About Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Today, I’m going to talk about Food Wars. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on upcoming Marvel Movies. Before we talk about Food Wars, has everyone seen the “BBQ Becky” memes? It’s both justice and hilarious at the same time. This is what happens when you call the police for stupid reasons instead of talking to people and gaining some understanding, possibly making a friend, and maybe getting a rib. And now, she is famous for starting a food war of her own.

My personal favorite…

Let’s get back to the show. The anime is based on a manga by Yuto Tsukudo, with illustrations by Shun Saeki.

About the Show


Soma Yukihira works with his father in a small diner. Soma’s father is an amazing, world-renowned cook. Young Soma wants to surpass his father and finally beat him in a cooking competition. His father challenges him to enter the highly competitive Tootsuki Culinary Academy and make it to the top of the school. So, Soma enrolls and begins his journey to becoming the best student in a school full of elite chefs.

The “Food” in Food Wars

Have you ever watched the show on an empty stomach? If not, it is a terrible idea. The food always sparkles. They cut the food or open the food and it explodes in flavor or oozes sauces. It’s almost as if you can smell the food, and it smells delicious. It is the closest you can get to scratch and sniff TV. Also, the characters are so descriptive. There’s talk of “flavor” and “texture” and “umami”. It makes me a little envious. My food never sparkles and explodes in flavor. It’s a little unfair.

The Students

I like how we are introduced to the characters in the show. Some of them are introduced because they share a dorm with Soma, like sweet and shy Megumi, or the mostly nude Satoshi. But my favorite means of introduction is through the Shokugeki. For those unfamiliar with the anime, the Shokugeki are high stakes cooking competitions between students and/or alumni. The punishment can range from losing your cooking utensils or club rooms, to full-blown expulsion.


During these showdowns, we learn a great deal about the lives of the characters. We learn about their hometowns, their life before entering the school, and their specific food expertise. I think my favorite Shokugeki is in the middle of season two. Soma faces Akira the spice guy, and Ryou, the creepy seafood guy for first place in the Autumn Elections.

Soma Swag

He’s no Gon Freecs, but Soma is a very endearing character. He is confident in his skills, but not so arrogant that he cannot learn new things. He has the uncanny ability to make friends with his enemies. Do you remember when Ms. Kobe Beef herself Ikumi didn’t like him? Even the stubborn “god tongue” Erina is coming around. People gravitate to him and his positive and infectious attitude. We all should take notes.

Wrap it up…

If you have never seen Food Wars, I encourage you to take a weekend and binge watch. It is one of those anime that’s good, plain and simple. There’s no specific reason, it’s just fantastic. Just make sure you have snacks.

Well, that’s it! I’m not sure if there’s going to be a Sunday post. But, you never know. Next Tuesday, I finally talk about Infinity War. Let me know if you’re going to see Deadpool 2 this weekend. Don’t forget to follow me on the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also, check out Couch Jammin’ on Spotify for some good music. Be nice and don’t be a BBQ Becky!!!

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