Aggretsuko: I am more than Retsuko

Hi everybody! I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War for MC Tuesday. Today, I want to talk about the Netflix anime Aggretsuko. This is not necessarily a review because we have plenty. For those that like the show, they pretty much say the same thing…it’s relatable. And I absolutely agree, it’s very relatable. But I think it goes beyond the relatability of our main character Retsuko. I can identify with other characters in the show as well. That’s what I’m going to discuss today. We all can identify with Retsuko. But, what about the rest of the crew? Let’s take a look at a few of Retusko’s friends and colleagues and see how we can find a bit of them all in ourselves. Before we do this, I will tell you a little about the show.

Retsuko: The Rage Beast


Aggretsuko is a Sanrio production from Fanworks studios. The show surrounds Retsuko, a red panda that works in accounting in a major corporation. Here, she is the footstool of Ton, an overbearing boss. She also has to deal with other horrible co-workers. But sweet Retsuko takes it all in stride and suppresses the rage, that is until she can go scream death metal at the top of her lungs in her favorite karaoke bar. We go through various situations with little Retusko, from yoga to falling in love.

Aggrestusko’s Good Girlfriends


Of course, I can identify with Restuko’s silent rage in dealing with a horrible boss. But, I think I’m more in tune with Gori and Washimi. They strut down the halls of the office, never letting others see them sweat. They are also the worldly perspective the Retsuko often needs. The role the Gori and Washimi play in Retsuko’s life is a role the I often played. I think it comes with being the older friend, or more worldly friend.

Aggretsuko’s Messy Friend


My favorite character is Fenneko. She is Retsuko’s coworker and something of a friend. She is cynical, but she cares about Retsuko. The thing that I absolutely adore about Fenneko is that she is a bit messy. I love how the perky (and fake) Tsunoda is her nemesis. I know how it feels to work with someone who is extremely fake and stalk them on social media with the hopes of taking them down. It’s not the best behavior but I get it.

Mr. Desparate


Poor Haida. I never feel sorry for hyenas (my least favorite animal), but I really want Haida to win). He has a serious crush on Retsuko. But, he cannot seem to get her attention romantically. The poor guy is really passive about making his affections known. It took Retsuko pursuing a new relationship for Haida to finally speak up (this is an assumption. We really do not know what he says to her in the hospital). I know in my dating days, I went through the anxiety of unrequited love a couple of times.

Workplace Relationships


I could go on for days about the various characters and how I identify with them. What about you? Are you solely the passive aggressive Retsuko? Or, are you more like one of the other characters? Let me know! Also, if you have yet to watch the show, I highly encourage it. It’s on Netflix.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s it! I’m not going to promise a Sunday post. But, if I’m inspired, I may post. If not, I will see you next Tuesday as I start Marvel’s Runaways. Find me on social media!

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