The Spring Anime Wrap Up

Hi everybody!  Well, we made it through another season.  Overall, the spring anime was not earth-shattering, at least not the ones I watched (there are exceptions).  I decided to conclude the spring season with my final thoughts on the seven anime I watched this season.  I’m going to put them in order from worst to best, but if you have been following me, you already know my number one.  But before I get ahead of myself, let’s start with the absolute worst.

7. Libra of nil Admirari


I’m not going to waste too much of your time on this one since I reviewed it a few weeks ago.  Long story short, the show was garbage.  It was a reverse harem with a weak main character.  They tried to give us some semblance of a story, but it wasn’t a good one.  If this sees a season two, I would be quite surprised.

6. Butlers x Battlers


Once again, I’m not going to dwell on this one.  I did the review last week.  This anime wasted a lot of time on stuff that could have been covered in one or two episodes.

5. Magical Girl Ore


This anime is stupid on purpose.  I was okay with this because it was still entertaining.  However, when I reach the end of the anime, they throw in a plot twist that made it a little too stupid. They should have just stuck with the goofy stuff and left that nonsense intrigue on the cutting room floor.

4. Hinamatsuri


I usually do not like slice-of-life, but this one is pretty good.  I enjoyed watching the girls adapt to their new lives, and also watching the people around them adapt to the girls.  My only issue is that they introduced a character briefly at the beginning, and we don’t see her again until near the end.  Introducing her at the beginning seems pointless.

3. Magical Girl Site


This show starts out extremely abrasive, almost to the point of off-putting.  But as the show progresses, it finds a balance between the shocking moments and telling the story.  And it’s a DARK story, my friends.  Everyone in the show is crazy in some sort of way.  But, it is kind of important to the story.  And the ending…with the brother…WOW!  I certainly did not see that coming.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show.  If it wasn’t for the top two being so stellar, this would have definitely been number one.

2.  Aggretsuko


It’s The Office anime-style.  This show is cute and funny.  But what makes it a stand-out show is that it is so easy to identify with the characters.  You know these characters.  They are colleagues, friends, and family.  I would recommend Aggretsuko to both anime and non-anime viewers.  I look forward to the next season.

1.  MEGALOBOX: The anime of the spring season


I absolutely loved Megalobox!!!  Prior to the spring season, I said that the “outside the ring” parts of the show is going to determine how much I like it.  These moments are brief but extremely important.  The sacrifices characters make in this anime are incredible.  But for me what solidified this show as awesome is the simplicity of it all.  Joe is not a complicated character.  We do not know anything about him, but he is still captivating because of his desire to beat the best fighter.  That is his driving force.  And we want him to win because he is the underdog.  Everything about the show makes it feel raw and gritty: the animation, the characters, and the music.  They wrapped it up in a way that makes it feel final but I’m okay with this because the show is satisfying.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s it for the spring season.  What were your best and worst anime?  Let me know!  Because of other obligations, I’m limiting my “must watch” list to three.  I will let you know those shows next week.  Until then, I will see you on MC Tuesday for Blade 3.

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