It’s Not You…It’s Me 😢


Dear Friends:

It is with the saddest face ever that I have to take a break for Couch Cruisin’.  I do not know how long of a break.  Hopefully not long.  My classes and other obligations are sucking up all of my time and energy.  I never have time to watch the shows and give you my best analysis possible.  I’d rather step away until I have the time, instead of checking a box to say I’ve done it.  It sucks and I hate doing this, I really hate it.  I love blogging about things I love like anime and Firefly.  I also love interacting with the ani-blogger community, where I talk to some of the coolest and smartest people ever!  But, unfortunately, when you’re adult you have to prioritize, make sacrifices.

Thanks and high fives to everyone!  Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for interacting with me.  I’m going to continue to read and tweet blogs whenever I can.  You guys are the greatest!  I will see you soon!


Angela 💕💕💕


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