About me

I was born in North Carolina, but my memories begin in Hampton, Virginia.  I spent my entire young life in the city.  I moved a few times but never left the beautiful city of Hampton…that is until my excellent adventure known as the United States Army!  After training in South Carolina, I would spend almost ten years in Texas, where I would be introduced to a new me.  It is also in Texas where I meet the man that would introduce me to the “new” new me and later become my beloved husband.

(I know I’m leaving a lot of stuff out, but I’m saving that for the Netflix movie about my life)

So almost ten years and four deployments later, I would set out for the unknown that is called civilian life.  It is a scary world going from the routine and camaraderie of military life to civilian life.  But with my husband, we somehow found our way…all the way to  Lousiana.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “That’s all well and good, but how did you get into writing?”  I’m glad you asked!  I actually began writing at a young age.  In about the fourth or fifth grade, I wrote a poem that was published.    Also around that time, I told a scary story I had written in a program for my elementary school.  It’s so funny thinking back on that time.  All that time, destiny or fate or whatever was whispering in my ear, telling me I should write.  But it would take a moment of complete and utter melancholy to bring me back to writing after such a long time.

So right before I started this blog, I was a little down.  I thought I did not have a talent for anything, nor did I have a passion for anything.  I was about to have my communications degree but I had no idea what to to do with it.  It’s an awful feeling not knowing what path you should travel.   Almost on a whim, I wrote my first post.  The feeling of writing that first article was euphoric.  It felt…right.  And, I get to write about things I love, video games, anime, sci-fi, podcasts, music….anything.  So with the encouragement of my hub, I embark on a journey that (unbeknownst to me) began in the fourth or fifth grade.  I hope you stick around for the ride…or should I say cruise.

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