Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episode 6- Our Mrs. Reynolds

Mal has a little problem in this episode.  Her name is Saffron and she is his wife!!! How did he get into this mess?

Hello everyone!  I hope you find serenity this Sunday.  Today, we are watching episode six of Firefly, Our Mrs. Reynolds.  I should not have to tell you that this is another great episode.  Plus, it proves something that other shows need to take note of.  I will explain what I mean later.  Mal really steps in it this episode, and our friends on the Serenity almost pay the price.  Let’s get into this crazy episode.  As usual, if you need a refresher on our characters, click here.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Malcom Reynolds


This episode is pretty clear-cut.  Mal and the gang save a town from bandits.  The town praises the actions of Mal and the crew.  The townsfolk throw a party to mark the occasion.  As a reward, they offer Jayne a rainstick that he loves.  It’s the funniest thing watching him gush over the rainstick.  Unbeknownst to Mal, he gets a bride.  When the Serenity takes off from the planet, he discovers he has an extra passenger, sweet and innocent Saffron (Christina Hendricks).  Saffron informs him of their betrothal.  Everyone gets several chuckles from Mal’s predicament, except for Inara who is seething.  Mal tells Saffron that he’s going to drop her at the next planet, where she can find work and be her own woman.  But Saffron has other plans.

Sneaky Saffron


Saffron has the dudes on the ship wrapped around her finger.  Wash thinks she is quaint.  Jayne wants to trade his gun for her.  Sheppard is trying to protect her chastity from “lecherous” Mal.  Queen Zoe recognizes trouble when she sees it, and Inara recognizes that Saffron has a particular set of skills…companion skills.  Saffron ends up drugging Mal and knocking Wash unconscious.  She then redirects the ship for another location, where a group of pirates is waiting to snare Serenity in an electronic net, sell it for parts, and kill the crew.  Saffron escapes in a transport ship.  Damn, Saffron!  You’re a busy girl.

Inara and Mal sitting in a tree


Throughout the series, we’ve seen the palpable sexual tension between Mal and Inara.  Inara gives us a little more of a peek into her longing for Mal in this episode.  When she learns of Mrs. Reynolds she sees two colors: red and green.  This is one of my favorite Inara moments.  Underneath all of that glamour, class, and companion swagger, she’s still a woman infatuated with a man who lacks the skill to read the situation.  When realizes that he isn’t dead when she thought Saffron killed him, she kisses him like he is her everything.



This episode proves something that I believe many TV show creators do not get.  The audience does not need some huge plot twist to make a show interesting.  If you tell the story well in the first place, a small plot twist is just as entertaining.  Saffron being a traitorous floozy is not life-altering news.  But, I was so amused by Mal’s discomfort, Inara’s jealousy, and the crew’s amusement, that the small plot twist is fine.  I’m watching another show that is not particularly well made but tries to compensate with “shock” value.  It does not make the show better.  If anything, it gets in the way of whatever story the show is trying to tell.  Sometimes, subtly offers a greater payoff than bells and whistles.

Wrapping it up


Well, that’s it for Our Mrs. Reynolds.  Next week is episode seven, Jaynestown.  Episode seven marks the halfway point of the series.  I’m starting to think about my next show.  I’ve had a few votes for Twin Peaks.  What do you guys think?  I’m also thinking of doing an absolutely terrifying show that premiered in 1996 called American Gothic.  The show is scary as hell and only lasted one season.  So I’ve narrowed it down to Twin Peaks or American Gothic.  I’m going to write a post in a few weeks explaining both shows.

Rod-Tino Tuesday will feature Planet Terror.  Next Thursday, we will revisit Planet With.  On Saturday, I will explain why Disenchanted is my type of show.  Make sure you follow Couch Cruisin on Instagram and Twitter.  Also, you can buy me a Ko-Fi if you’re feeling generous.  Later!!!!

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