7 Blumhouse Movies: TheList

Hello everybody! Today we’re going to discuss one of my favorite production companies, Blumhouse. It’s likely that you’ve watched at least one Blumhouse movie in your lifetime. You know you’re watching the movie if, at the very beginning, you’ll see a creepy house with a creepy little girl before “Blumhouse” flashes on the screen. Ring a bell?

Now, I’ll give you seven of my favorite Blumhouse movies/franchises. Keep in mind that I haven’t seen every Blumhouse film. Also, there are others I’ve watched that aren’t listed here. This is just a shortlist with some titles. If you want to know the history Blumhouse and a list of titles, click here to access the Wikipedia page.

The movies below are listed in order by release date. Let’s get into it!

Paranormal Activity-2009

I will never forget the first time I watched Paranormal Activity. I was living in El Paso. A friend and I went to the theatre to watch Paranormal Activity. When the first jump scare happened, I was so startled that I got up, preparing to leave the theatre.

Paranormal Activity brought back the “found footage” format of yesteryear. Before this creepy movie, the last popular found footage movie was The Blair Witch Project.

The Purge Franchise-2013

Okay, full disclosure. I’ve not seen every Purge movie. Truthfully, I’ve only seen The First Purge. I bet you’re asking, “then why is it on your favorites list?”. Well, this is an acknowledgment of how The Purge franchise is absolutely iconic in pop culture. The Purge shows how vile humanity can be when law and order are thrown right out of the window.


This isn’t exactly an award-winning movie. But, I had fun watching it. If you’ve never seen Unfriended, it’s the story of a young girl who killed herself. She then starts picking off friends one by one. What’s fun about it was that she was killing them while they are on social media, so we get this Skype-call sort of vibe.

Get Out-2017

2017’s Get Out was a huge deal when it premiered in theatres. Not only was the movie terrifying, but it also brings attention to the horrific possibilities of racism. Get Out is more than just horror, it’s social commentary. There’s a sense of intensity and urgency that kept my fists clenched the entire time.

Happy Death Day-2017

This is one of my favorites. It’s corny, funny, and all-around entertaining. Again, it’s not an award-winning movie, but it kept my attention. A young girl experiences the same day over and over again. But it’s not a lovable, Bill Murray type of day. It’s more like the day you dropped your phone in the toilet. The main character keeps celebrating the same birthday. But, someone is out to kill her every…single…time.

Fantasy Island-2020

What an interesting spin on a popular 80’s television show. Fantasy Island the T.V. show involves people going to an island to “make all their fantasies come true”. Fantasy Island the movie also brings people to an island and makes all their fantasies come true. But, with every fantasy comes dangerous consequences. There’s also a fun little twist. Fantasy Island was a surprisingly fun watch.

The Hunt-2020

Finally, we come to another favorite movie to come out of Blumhouse in recent memory, The Hunt. This takes political commentary to a whole new level. But politics is only fuel. The hunt itself is the fire. The story revolves around a woman trying to survive in a hunt she knows nothing about. The movie is violent and witty. It also provides commentary on politics without being pretentious.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s it for my list of some of my favorite Blumhouse movies. What’s your favorite Blumhouse movie? Let me know! This week, I’m going to bring you more Tower of God. I will see you later!

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