Sunday Drama: High School Entrance Exam Eps. 4-6

Hi Everybody!  Welcome back to Sunday Drama!  Last week, week watched the first three episodes of High School Entrance Exam.  Today, we discuss episodes 4-6.  Last week, the teachers of Tachibana High School discover a message board where people are talking about “crushing” the entrance exam.  Let’s see what happens next!

Episode Four


Admin doing nothing


At the top of the episode, we find out what the administration plans on doing about the message board.  They decide to do….absolutely nothing.  They believe that since the students do not have their cell phones, the messages could not be about this school.  There is a substantial amount of eye-rolling on my part.

In this episode, we get to see more of the students.  To keep the confusion to a minimum, I’m going to use nicknames.  There’s “Jerk”.  Jerk’s father is the president of the alumni association.  Coincidentally, he is also a jerk.  There’s “Victim”.  Victim is being bullied by Jerk, probably because Victim is smarter than Jerk.  There is also Smirking Kid.  He smirks as if he has a secret.

The most important student in this episode is “Cell Phone”.  If you recall from episode two, one student lies, claiming she does not have a cell phone.  This is the same girl.  However, this lie comes back to haunt her.  Cell Phone’s mom texts her and her phone goes off in the middle of the exam. Girl, why is your phone not on silent?  Anyway, she is asked to leave the exam.  She begins to freak out and starts hyperventilating.  It is a mess!


Cell Phone
Cell Phone


Cell Phone goes to the nurse’s office where she sees her mother.  She and her mother wind up in a lounge with the principle and the teacher in charge of that classroom.  The principal tells Cell Phone’s mother that her daughter is disqualified.  Cell Mom is not happy. While she is rampaging, Jerk Dad bursts into the office.

I skipped around a bit, but let me get back to the message board.  Before the end of the exam, one of the teachers is monitoring the board and notices messages stating “right before the end”, and “something will happen”.  At the end of the episode, we realize that something has happened.

Episode Five


found in room


I thought that the actual test is a mess.  What happens after is worse.  Let’s begin with Erina.  Erina’s name comes up quite a bit in the first few episodes.  She is a student that already attends this school.  It didn’t make sense to hear her name so much.  But her presence (in name and in person) is kind of important.

Erina is dating Aida, the gym teacher.  Aida finds her in the locker room, dressed in her middle school uniform.  He is freaking out because she is not supposed to be on school grounds during the exam.  He is completely flustered when she drops a bomb.

Erina asks him who is accompanying him to Indigo Resort?  He plays dumb, saying he doesn’t know what she is talking about.  Then she pulls out a gold card for the resort.  If you recall from last week, the teacher Midori’s boyfriend lost a gold card.  Someone in the chat discusses finding a gold card.  Do you see what is happening?  Aida lies and says he is chaperoning a field trip with another male teacher.  Erina pretends to accept this obvious lie.

Let’s get back to Cell Phone.  Cell Phone claims that she did not hear the rules because the teacher mumbled the words.  She also says that the rules are not on the chalkboard.  Cell Phone, Cell Mom, Jerk Dad, and the administration go to the classroom.   Some of the teachers are already there, looking at the rules and realizing the same thing.  They are last year’s rules with last year’s date changed to the current year.  After Cell Mom threatens to sue, the administration withdraws the disqualification.  Once again, several eye-rolls.  This administration is extremely incompetent.


Cell Mom and Cell Phone


After that mess, it is time to grade the exams.  Our main character Kyouko is on the team grading the English exams.  There are a few issues during the grading process.  First Aida drops the tests and now they are out of numerical order.  Next, there is a blank test in with the others.  After some time, the teachers notice that there is a test missing, number  46.  They also notice a note written by one of the students saying that another student cheated.  The note is from Victim, who happens to be the son of one of the teachers.  The student caught cheating?  Jerk, of course.  On to the next episode!

Episode Six

In this episode, we learn who sits in seat number 46.  They do not say his name, I just know who is sitting in the corner of the class.  46 puts the teacher in a bit of a pickle.  He can claim he turned in a completed test, putting the responsibility back on the teachers.

In this episode, we see flashbacks the students.  The first is Erina. It shows how Erina is bullied at the school, and that Aida is the person who shows her kindness.  Hence, her obsession with him.  We also see a flashback of Jerk bullying Victim.  Why are there so many bullies?


Erina and Aida.png
Aida and Erina


At any rate, the teachers complete the grading process.  That is the most grueling process I have ever witnessed.  The teachers turn in the tests and tell the administration about the blank test.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s three more episodes down. It is funny how little things that did not matter in the beginning are now important.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Next week, we watch episodes 7-9.  I will see you for MC Tuesday and The Incredible Hulk!

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