MC Tuesday: The Incredible Hulk


Hi Everybody!  Welcome to MC Tuesday, where we watch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  If you missed last week’s movie, it is Iron Man.  This week, we are discussing my favorite Avenger.  He’s mean, he’s green, and his parkour rivals that of Pickle Rick.  That’s right!  It is 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.  Today is the perfect day to watch this movie.  There’s snow on the ground and I have effectively shut myself inside my house.  This movie is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars one of my favorite actors, Edward Norton.  He plays the brilliant Bruce Banner.

A Lonely Existence

Ed Norton as Hulk

I think what this movie illustrates best is the lonely life of Banner.  The movie flies through how Hulk became Hulk.  We head immediately to Banner hiding in Brazil.  While in Brazil, he works in a soda factory, trying to keep a low profile.  His only real contact is with some bullies at the factory (we will come back to these jerks), a doctor, and someone called “Mr. Blue”.  Mr. Blue is a scientist trying to help Bruce cure the adverse effects of exposure to gamma radiation.  That effect is him turning into a green rage-beast.

Bruce is doing everything he can to control his rage and not turn into, in my opinion, the cooler version of himself.  He is doing well until his gamma radiation-filled blood is discovered in Stan Lee’s soda bottle.   This innocent oversight leads General Ross (William Hurt) and Blonski (Tim Roth) to his doorstep.  Bruce escapes but runs into the soda bullies I mentioned earlier.  Of course, they give chase.  So, now he is being pursued by the military and the soda bullies.  The soda bullies corner him in the factory and proceed to hand him a beatdown.  Because they cannot leave a guy alone who is not bothering anyone, Bruce transforms and starts throwing large machinery.

Bruce escapes again and winds up in Mexico.  Cue the sad Hulk music.  The movie shows Banner alone, walking back to the United States. He is going to find the data that will help Mr. Blue find a cure.  When he finally makes it back, he is reluctantly reunited with Elizabeth “Betty” Ross (Liv Tyler).



The last time Bruce and Betty are together, she is in a hospital because of the Hulk.  When Bruce finds her again, she is in a relationship with a psychologist.  When Bruce re-emerges, it is like the psychologist does not exist.  It makes me laugh how quickly he becomes insignificant.  At any rate, Betty wants to help Bruce in any way she can.  Of course, Bruce wants her to keep her distance so that she remains safe.    Thier beautiful reunion is brief. The insignificant psychologist snitches on Bruce to General Ross, Betty’s father.

General Jerk and Captain D-bag

General Ross is a despicable general and a horrible father.  First, he has Banner conducting experiments and Banner does not know why.  Second, he is willing to put his daughter in jeopardy to capture Banner so he can dissect him.  Then, after seeing the results of what can happen, he decides to inject someone else with foreign substances.  Incompetence at its finest.

Captain Bronski is a reckless, barbaric tool who loves to fight.  When he sees the Hulk’s power, he wants it for himself.  So he goes in for Hulk injections, twice.  He is strong but this is not good enough for the power junkie.  He then gets injections from Mr. Blue, also known as Professor Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson).  That’s when Bronski turns into what I like to call a “spikey booger monster”.

The Final Showdown

hulk and bronski

After Bronski’s transformation into Spikey Booger Monster, he starts destroying Harlem.  Only one person can stop Spikey’s rampage.  Banner turns into the Hulk after doing a swan dive out of a plane.  The battle begins.  Of course, Spikey has the upper hand in the battle.  But then Hulk sees sweet Betty and the General in danger.  Thier downed helicopter is on fire.  Hulk manages to escape Spikey’s clutches and does a boss move.  He claps the fire out.  Yes, folks!  The wind from the Hulk’s clap extinguishes the fire.  After this epic move, Hulk goes on to defeat Spikey, and disappears, moving to Canada.

Putting the Band Together

Of course, we cannot leave Banner in Canada to his own devices.  The next scene shows General Ross in a bar.  Who happens to saunter in, wearing an extremely nice suit?  Tony freaking Stark.  He proclaims that “we” are putting a team together.  One can assume that “we” is S.H.I.E.L.D., and “team” is the Avengers.

Well, that’s it!  The next time we see Banner, we will be played by Mark Ruffalo.  Personally, I prefer Norton.  Something about Ruffalo’s voice bothers me.  Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me and the Hulk on this snowy Tuesday.  Next week, we will reunite with Mr. Stark in Iron Man 2.  I will see you for anime Thursday!



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