Sunday Drama: I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper Eps 1-2

Hi Everybody! Welcome to Sunday Drama where we click on that drama tab on Crunchyroll and watch a show.  From now until the second week of March, we are watching I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  I try to keep the shows to once a month, but each episode is about 45 minutes long.  So, I will be doing two episodes every Sunday.  So far, this 2011 show does not skimp on the drama.  These first two episodes are an emotional roller coaster.  Well, let me begin by introducing you to our family and their housekeeper.  Spoilers!!!

Episode One


Before we dive into what happens in this emotionally charged episode, I will acquaint you with the family.  There is the father who no one seems to respect.  Yui is the oldest daughter.  She carries the burden of being the lady of the house (I’ll tell you why in a bit).  The second eldest is her brother Kakeru.  He is your typical hormonal, angst-ridden teenager.  The next child is Kaito.  He is the intellectual.  Finally, there is little Kii, the youngest daughter.  The mother died from drowning in a nearby river.


We meet Mita in the first scene of the show.  We see her creepily walking up the street like some sort of robot.  The first word that comes to mind when we meet Mita is “sociopath”.  She does not smile, she does not cry, she does not emote whatsoever.  She is either a zombie or survived some sort of trauma that has left her completely numb.  At any rate, when she arrives at the home, it is in shambles.  Banana peels are on top of things, shoes are everywhere, the plants are dying, and they are out of toilet paper.  By the time the father and kids return home, the house is pristine.  Mita cooks a delicious meal, something the children have not had since their mother’s death.  The most important quality about Mita is that she will do whatever is asked of her, even killing someone.mita walking.png

Speaking of the mother’s death, it has really taken a toll on this family.  It appears that no one has properly grieved.  It has been 49 days since the mother’s death and the family is not coping well, especially little Kii.  However, Mita helps them with their catharsis.  At the behest of the older sister Yui, Mita begins burning the mothers things.  This leads to all sorts of emotions flowing out of the children.  I shed a few tears myself.  By the end, they all feel better.  But, the father is still hiding something.

At the end of the episode, Stupid Dad admits to Mita that the drowning was not an accident, but a suicide.  He says it is his fault but asks Mita not to tell the kids.  We find out why in episode two.

Episode Two

Kaitos request.png

Most of episode two is primarily about the youngest son Kaito.  Kaito has a bully.  He asks Mita to beat up the kid.  She shows up at a store where the bully, his cronies, and Kaito (by force) are about to shoplift.  She starts punching the bully in the face.  This only makes things worse for Kaito in school.  Then, if things weren’t bad enough, his mom’s bumbling sister Urara shows up to talk the kids about bullying.  No wonder no one likes her.  After this humiliating scene, Kaito decides not to return to school, but go to tutoring instead.  But the bully follows him.  Kaito then asks Mita to kill the bully.  Of course, she agrees to the task.  But, he stops her, stands up to the bully, and takes a beating.  Mita commends him for confronting the little a-hole.

Now, back to Stupid Dad.  The reason why he says that the suicide is his fault is that he was carrying on an affair with one of his co-workers.  He had given his wife some divorce papers.  She gives him a note saying that if he leaves her, she will kill herself.  That is why she committed suicide.  Now, I do not think he is stupid because he had an affair that is the motive behind his wife’s suicide.  I call him stupid because he did not divulge the fact that his wife committed suicide to the children.  He tells them that it is an accident.  This only leads to more questions, especially from Yui.  She wants to know why her mother went to the river in the first place since her mother cannot swim.  At the end of the episode, she gets her answer.

stupid dad confession

Stupid Dad asks Mita to burn the note and divorce papers.  Before Mita completes the task, Yui bursts through the door and tells her to stop.  She looks at her father and demands the truth.  If Stupid Dad would have told the kids that she killed herself, then this scene may have been avoided.  The youngest child Kii was blaming herself in the first episode!

yui stopping mita

Well, that’s it for the first two episodes.  This show appears to explore some dark and emotional places.  Will we learn more about Mita?  What will happen now that the truth is out about the mother’s death?  I guess we will find out next week!  If you are watching the Super Bowl tomorrow, have fun.  Who are you cheering for?  I’m going for the Eagles because Tom Brady is a cyborg I’m sure of it.  I will see you next Tuesday for The Avengers.




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