Sunday Drama: I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper eps 7-9

Hi everybody!  Welcome to Sunday Drama.  I know its Monday but I’ve been a little busy with school.  I really need to work on my procrastination issues. My bad guys!  We are continuing our look at I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  This time, I am discussing episodes 7-9.  Instead of dividing this into episodes, I’m going to talk about general topics covered in the show.  I will say that Stupid Dad has now been promoted to his actual name Keiichi.  Good job buddy!  Now, let’s dive in.

The Stupid Dad Evolution

So how did Keiichi lose his nickname?  Here’s the tea.  If you recall from last time, Keiichi’s mistress came to him asking for help.  She finds out that the snake she dated after Keiichi is engaged to the boss’ daughter.  Now, she wants Keiichi to run away with her to start a new life.  He faces the decision of being with the love of his life or returning to his kids.  He confronts the snake, punching him in the face and losing his job.  He becomes super depressed and tries to kill himself, feeling he is unworthy of his kids’ love.  The kids stop him from committing suicide.

Keiichi apologize.png

This is a turning point for Keiichi.  He gives the children a heartfelt apology regarding the mother’s death.  He also apologized to the mean grandfather.  Here is where he earns his name: he finds the mistress at the bus station and tells her he wants to marry her but she needs to be a step-mother to his kids.  Of course, she hops on a bus and leaves town.

Keiichi and Mistress.png

Mita Revealed!

The most important takeaway from these three episodes is everything we learn about Mita’s past.  At first, Mita is her usual elusive self.  She wants to kids to stop asking about her life.  Basically, mind your own beeswax kids!

Mita don't smile.png

Meanwhile, we start to see flashbacks of her dead husband’s parents.  They order her not to smile because her smile brings misery.  It is extremely sad.  At a dinner, Mita tells the family the story of her super depressing life.  Get your tissues ready!

Mita’s Sad Existence

Mita’s father died at a young age, saving Mita from drowning in a river.  Her mother blamed her and hated her guts.  The mother remarries and has another child that she gave all of her affection.  Mita’s stepfather begins looking at her funny, making the mother hate Mita even more.  The mother claimed that Mita’s smile made everyone around her unhappy.

Mita telling story.png

Mita would wind up marrying her husband and having a son.  Her half-brother started to come around.  It turns out that he is in love with Mita.  When her husband finds out, he forbids him from coming into his home.  The brother then sets the house on fire, killing the husband and her young son.  To make matters worse, the cowardly brother commits suicide. When she tells this story, the family’s shook, I’m in tears, and Mita quits.

Mita goes to work for the b-word neighbor next door.  She has a hunch that the neighbor is evil enough to ask Mita to do something crazy that would kill Mita.  She orders Mita to kill her cheating husband, her bratty son, and herself by setting the house on fire.  We all know that Mita does whatever she is told.  The wife asks her to stop at the last minute and tells her to kill herself.

kids stopping Mita.png

When she is about to set herself on fire, the kids stop her.  Mita confesses that she cannot have free will so someone had to order her to kill herself.  Mita is arrested in the b-word’s home.  Once she is released, she goes back to the family.

Wrap it up…

Well, that’s it for now!  Crazy right?  Next week we conclude I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper with episodes 10, 11, and a special episode.  I will also give you my thoughts on some of the themes explored throughout the show.  Make sure you join me tomorrow for MC Tuesday and Guardians of the freakin’ Galaxy!


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