Couch Cruisin is Back

What you can expect on Couch Cruisin’!

Hi everybody! Three years ago, I started a blog called Couch Cruisin’. Those beginnings were kind of aimless. I was talking a lot about pop culture. This was a start, but it was all over the freaking place. Sometime later, I started Couch and Chill. Here, my primary focus was anime, but I still ventured off into other stuff. I talked about Japanese Drama, the show Firefly, and just a host of other things.

Recently (like two days ago), I decided to reboot Couch Cruisin’. This served two purposes. One, it allows me to use a site that I’m paying for, and two, I can streamline Couch and Chill. So now, Couch and Chill will be strictly anime. Couch Cruisin’ will be everything else. And if you’re wondering what everything else entails, allow me to enlighten you.

Sunday Drama

I’m bringing it back! Sunday Drama is where I discuss a Japanese Drama. So far, I completed I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper, and High School Entrance Exam. I still haven’t finished Detective v. Detectives, so I suppose I’ll begin there. I’m also going to add movies, like Train to Busan.

American Horror Story

I love this show so much, I had to give it it’s own section. I’ve seen every season and of course, I have my favorites. This fall AHS is changing its format, bringing us American Horror Stories. You better believe I will bring you my thoughts on every single episode.


If you read Couch and Chill, you know about TheList. Both sites will have it, it’s just that Couch and Chill will be purely anime, while Couch Cruisin’ will be everything else.

MC Tuesday


Here you will find all of my reviews of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whenever we get the next movie (Black Widow), you’ll find the reivew here.

Rod-Tino Tuesday

Rod-Tino Tuesday was a rewatch by movies written/directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quinton Tarantino. This is a good filler post, so I may reboot it as well. Also, this post can get a little messy, considering I have an issue with a few Tarantino films.

I Just Watched

This section is for movies/tv-shows that it seems like the whole world saw except for me. Again, another great filler piece.


This section is for all the science fiction/fantasy media that doesn’t fall into the other categories. For instance, my next post will be on Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. You will find that post here.

Serenity Sunday

A while back, I covered the iconic series Firefly and the movie Serenity. You will find those posts here.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s everything you will find on Couch Cruisin. I feel that this format gives me a little more freedom. I will not tie myself down to strict timelines. I’ll simply write here when I feel like it. Don’t get me wrong Couch and Chill will still be my home for all things anime. That will never change.

My next post (probably later on today) will be about Umbrella Academy season 2. I will see you then.

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