[Review] Detective v Detectives Episodes 5 & 6: Sunday Drama

Hello everybody! Welcome to Sunday Drama, where we watch a dramatic series. This time, we are watching Detective v Detectives episodes 5 and 6. You guys, this show is a fantastic thriller. It kind of reminds me of Jack Ryan on Amazon. There is plenty of intrigue and intensity to keep your fists clutched and shoulders to your ears. Let’s get into it.

Episode 5


In the last episode, Rena caught killer and torturer Hiike. Hiike fell off of the balcony and is in serious condition. In this episode, he is lying in the hospital. Rena hears that he is awake. She wants to get intel about the Death God. She attempts to go seem him, even though the hospital is covered in policemen. She manages to make it to Hiike’s hospital room. Rena finds him dead from some sort of injection. The police believe that Rena is the culprit.

Most of the interesting stuff involves Kotoha. In episode 4, she finds a video of her sisters Ayane’s apartment. In the video, Rena is kneeling on the floor. In this episode, Ayane erased the incriminating videos, but Kotoha recovers them. In the new footage, Kotoha sees Rena apologizing to Kotoha, followed by all kinds of abuse at the hands of Kotoha’s sister and others. Disgusted at the footage, Kotoha decides to confront her sister. Ayane says that she needed to teach Rena a lesson. She’s lucky that Rena felt so guilty. Otherwise, Ayane, her husband, and their friends would’ve caught a beatdown. Kotoha leaves her crazy sister’s house and returns to the Suma Detective Agency to work with Rena.

Episode 6


This episode is so freaking good! At the beginning of episode 5, we see a battered women’s shelter. For some reason, four of the women “escape” through the forest and get into vans. The police are called to investigate. In this episode, Rena joins the investigation when she learns that the Death God is probably involved. Rena learns the name of one of the abusive husbands and goes to his house. When they arrive, police investigator Yuma Kubozuka is on the scene. Back during the Aribu episodes, Kubozuka was the only officer that thought something was fishy about Aribu. But, his superiors ignored him and even put him on vacation. In this episode, he warns Rena to lie low before she is arrested. When he leaves, Rena steals some mail. With it, she tracks down the abusive husband.

Eventually, the abusive husband leads her to a meeting. In this meeting are the husbands and boyfriends of the abused women who ran from the shelter. They are there to retrieve the women as if they are lost property. We learn that the criminal organization Nohozu is behind the kidnappings. Here’s what I think happened: They probably told the girls that the abusive men found them and that they needed to escape. More than likely, the organization used the Death God to find the girls. Then planted someone inside the facility to get the women out of the shelter.

At any rate, Rena is caught eavesdropping on the conversation. She tries to get away but fails. Kotoha knew that Rena was going to get into trouble so she called Kubozuka for help, but he’s too late. Kotoha couldn’t call the agency because she promised Rena she would not tell them her next step. They probably would’ve tried to stop her from making another reckless decision.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s it for Detective v. Detectives. This week, we’ll get into Dr. Stone episode 7 and Demon Slayer episode 20. On The Lost Otaku, I’ll bring you episodes 9 and 10 of To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. I will see you later.

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