[Review] Detective v. Detectives Eps. 3 & 4: Sunday Drama

Hello everybody! Welcome back to Sunday Drama, where we watch episodes from a drama. This time, we are watching 2015’s Detective v Detectives. Episodes 3 and 4 have some unbelievable twists and turns. In these two episodes, secrets are revealed, villains are unmasked, and new secrets emerge. The information we get in these episodes is usually reserved for near the end of a season. Recall that Sakura is our main character Rena’s sister. A detective helped Sakura’s killer find Sakura, who’d left her home to escape a sadistic stalker. But thanks to the detective that Rena calls the “Death God”, Sakura is murdered. Let’s get into episode 3.

Episode 3


Episode 3 really takes us on a ride. We know that from the previous episode the killer Okao isn’t dead. We get this information from the DNA analyst in charge of collecting evidence from the crime scene of a kidnapped little girl. In this episode, Rena asks the analyst to gather any information she can about the investigation, then contact her if she gets something. The analyst agrees to do so.

Meanwhile, Khotoa is trying to find a way to connect with Rena. Suma, the head of Rena and Khotoa’s detective agency, tells Khotoa that she needs to open up to Rena because that’s the only way to gain her trust. Later that night Rena is about to go to Okao’s possible hideout. This is a tip that she receives from the DNA analyst. Prior to leaving, Khotoa confesses that she knew Sakura and that they were friends. She feels responsible for Sakura’s death because the pair were supposed to meet the day she disappeared. This is enough to gain Rena’s trust and the two set out for Okao’s alleged hideout.

When they arrive at the hideout, Rena tells Khotoa to stay in the car. Rena then proceeds to make all the noise there is to make. Rena lacks both noise and light discipline. She’s stomping around the hideout, shining a flashlight and creating a huge ruckus. If Okao is in this building, he’s well aware of Rena’s presence.

Well, Okao isn’t there. We know this because the DNA analyst is lurking in the shadows. The analyst says that Okao’s dead. She works for Abiru and this was a trap. There’s also a hired detective with the analyst. He’s captured Khotoa and nearly kills her. He’s also responsible for using a bulldozer to push Rena’s car into the river.

Episode 4


Rena manages to defeat the evil detective. She also saves the kidnapped girl and exposes Aribu as a criminal. But, everything is swept under the rug to save the police department the embarrassment of their utter incompetence during the kidnapping. Also, they consider Rena to be a criminal (can you believe it!). But they cannot arrest her without exposing their missteps. Aribu informs Rena that he is not the Death God she seeks.

The search for the Death God continues. This time, we investigate a kidnapper who sexually assaults young women. Rena finds him through a corrupt tech detective that steals money and receives pictures of the sexual assault from the assailant. It turns out that the bad guy visited the Suma agency, claiming that his sister went missing. Rena finds the assailant, kicks his butt, and rescues the young woman. In the guy’s apartment, she discovers a report. This report proves that this guy used the same detective as Okao.

Meanwhile, Khotoa is recovering from the injuries sustained during the Aribu situation. She’s back living with her sister and has not heard from Rena in the year since the incident. One day while cleaning her apartment, she discovers a video. The video contained her sister and her brother-in-law. There were also two friends in the apartment. They were all laughing, eating, and having a good time. Just then, the camera pans and there is a girl sitting on the floor. She looks as if she was beaten. I had to rewind it a few times because the girl looks like Rena. In fact, it is Rena. What is going on there?


What an intriguing show. Everywhere you look there’s deception. The DNA analyst was a surprise until she called Rena with that location. This latest surprise of Rena’s appearance in the video may be a step too far in the “surprise twist” department. We don’t want to go so deep in the weeds that we lose track of the main idea, finding the detective responsible for Sakura’s death. But, that depends entirely on where we go from here.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s it for Detective v Detective episodes 3 and 4. Next week it’s back to anime with Dr. Stone and Demon Slayer. I’m still watching Yu-No, but I think I’m going to do a wrap-up of the show at the end. I don’t quite understand where the show is going this late in the season, but it has a new theme and everything. Over on The Lost Otaku, I’ll bring you episode 6 of To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. I will see you later!

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