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Hello everybody! Welcome to my first review for Cast Away, my posts on podcasts. We are going to discuss The AAU Murders. I’ve kind of been putting off reviewing this podcast for a few days now. I really wanted to sit and think on it for a while. This podcast has some really terrific moments, but it’s not without its issues. Let’s get into it.

Disclaimer: I’m no podcast expert. I’m just a podcast fan!

About The Podcast

The AAU Murders is a four-part fictional podcast from Layered TV and creator Corey Dashaun. It revolves around successful single mom Virginia Collins. She meets and falls in love with Liam, a basketball recruiter. But, Liam has secrets…big secrets. Her friends and family are suspicious of Liam, but Virginia is so smitten that she can’t see the forest for the trees. Virginia’s lack of situational awareness puts her, her children, her family and friends in imminent danger.

The Podcast Style

The AAU Murders is fictional, but it’s structured like a true crime podcast. When I listen to this style of podcast, I want to be fooled by it. For the longest time, I thought that The Black Tapes podcast was a true story. I wanted to have a similar feeling. But, it didn’t feel that way. It didn’t feel organic.

The Second Episode

The second episode is really good. At the end of episode one, we learn that Virginia’s older sister Patty (I love Patty) is doing what a black older sister would do. She’s suspicious of her baby sister’s boyfriend, so she starts investigating. Episode two gives us some of the information that Patty learned. And, boy is it explosive!

We get some background on Liam’s past. The listener gains an understanding of how Liam’s family played a role in his present behavior. But, the coup de grace is near the end. It concerns Liam’s relationship with another family. We really see the depths of Liam’s depravity. It is so messed up! I was shocked!

The Time Thing

One thing that is difficult to feel in a podcast is the passage of time. You cannot see grey hair or children growing up. The combination of storytelling and your imagination really have to give you that sense of where you are in a timeline. The AAU Murders kind of has this issue. At certain points, I didn’t know if a week passed, or a year. Thankfully, we’re given a lifeline and the characters tell us “it’s been a few months” or something like that.

Yes Ms. Patty Girl

I’m going to circle back around to Patty. Here’s the thing I love about Patty. When she found out all of this information about Liam, she could’ve went to Virginia and spill all the beans. Instead, she waited until she compiled more information and had hardcore proof. She’s self-aware enough to know that her melodramatics may taint the evidence against Liam.

Now, I’m not going to say that Patty’s “sassy black woman” persona isn’t a little cliche. But, it fits Patty’s position in her family as the mother-figure and amateur investigator.


Even with my immersion and time frame issues, I do enjoy the podcast. We have one more episode and I’m wondering where it’s going to go from here. I wouldn’t mind having another twist in episode 4. I need another episode 2 type of energy.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s it for the AAU Murders. Speaking of The Black Tapes, I think I’ll discuss that next. Over on Couch and Chill, I reviewed episode 12 of Tower of God. I’m also going to write a post in honor of Father’s Day. I will see you later.

*Subscribe to The AAU Murders on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Sticher. You can visit the website here: The AAU Murders.

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