Gangster Capitalism: Deep Dives Into Deep Deception

On this Cast Away, we look at the C13 podcast Gangster Capitalism. Hello everybody! Today, we are going to discuss the podcast Gangster Capitalism, hosted by Andrew Jenks. I am a hardcore true crime fan. But when you listen to some of the most vile instances of murder, it starts to feel a little heavy.Continue reading “Gangster Capitalism: Deep Dives Into Deep Deception”

10 Wondery Podcasts: TheList

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to discuss my favorite podcasts produced by Wondery. If you’ve never listened to a Wondery podcast, they have the tendency of fulling fleshing out the story. Plus, they do narration-style storytelling, so it doesn’t feel like you’re just listening to the facts. Here is a list of my favorite WonderyContinue reading “10 Wondery Podcasts: TheList”