Gangster Capitalism: Deep Dives Into Deep Deception

On this Cast Away, we look at the C13 podcast Gangster Capitalism.

Hello everybody! Today, we are going to discuss the podcast Gangster Capitalism, hosted by Andrew Jenks. I am a hardcore true crime fan. But when you listen to some of the most vile instances of murder, it starts to feel a little heavy. So, you look for other ways to be outraged and disturbed without the murder or molestation. That’s when Gangster Capitalism comes in.

The show deals with some of the biggest financial scandals of the day. The first season covers the college admissions scandal, nearly in real time. The second season focuses on the NRA and the massive siphoning of money from its members. We are going to talk about this one season at a time. Let’s do this!

The College Admissions Scandal

Last year. a huge scandal broke regarding college admissions. A guy named Rick Singer assisted rich parents in cheating their children’s way into college. He doctored test scores, paid off coaches to put the kids on sports teams, and a host of other things. Notably, he was paid by Felicity Hoffman and Lori Laughlin to get their children into schools.

Gangster Capitalism explores the intricacies of the fraud. More importantly, it shows the impact the fraud had on students without the privilege of wealth. Episode 2 really illuminates the true problem with these people paying their way into college. It takes opportunities away from less privileged kids that actually have the talent to attend college. I believe this is the episode where they talk to a coach of a row team. She explains how one of her students is a talented coxswain. But that position was paid for by Laurie Laughlin for her daughter Olivia Jade, someone that’s never been on a rowing team. It’s both heartbreaking and infuriating.


The second season of Gangster Capitalism was released in March of this year. This was my first time hearing this story and boy, is it a mess. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a nonprofit gun rights organization. It’s also a huge lobbying force with millions of members. It’s members donate to the organization to aid in education and other gun-related issues.

According to the podcast, it turns out that NRA money was funding the lavish lifestyle of CEO and EVP Wayne Lapierre. There was also a substantial amount of money going to Ackeman McQueen, a large advertising agency. You guys, the shady business dealings of people at the top of this organization is astounding.

Like the college admissions scandal, episodes on the NRA puts a human face on a faceless, and to some problematic, organization. We hear from people who really believed that they were giving to a cause they felt strongly about. Some were giving their fortunes to the organization upon their death.

Wrapping It Up

Gangster Capitalism explores issues from all sides. We not only hear about the culprits, but we hear about their victims. You really get a sense of the magnitude the actions of a few privileged people have on so many others.

Well, there you have it! You can find Gangster Capitalism on your favorite streaming service. You can check out their website here. I’m not sure which podcast I’m going to cover next. If you have suggestions, let me know. Over on Couch and Chill, I discuss my favorite summer anime over the past five years. I will see you later!

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