[Rewatch] Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episodes 12-13

Hello everybody!  I hope you find serenity this Sunday!  Today, we are going to talk about Firefly episode 12, The Message and episode 13, Heart of Gold.  These episodes are not as fun as other episodes, but they are still great episodes because Firefly can do no wrong.  If you need a refresher on theContinue reading “[Rewatch] Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episodes 12-13”

Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episodes 10 & 11

Hello everybody!  I hope you find serenity this Sunday.  Today, we are talking about Firefly episode 10, War Stories, and episode 11, Trash.  These two episodes compliment each other perfectly.  First, we see the return of characters we’ve previously met.  Second, episode 10 is pretty heavy, while episode 11 is a light-weight caper.  I amContinue reading “Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episodes 10 & 11”