MC Tuesday: Iron Man 3


Hi everybody!  Welcome to MC Tuesday, where we watch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Today we are discussing 2013’s Iron Man 3 (sigh).  I remember finding this movie boring.  Thank goodness for coffee because watching two hours of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) can be exhausting.  But, the show must go on and it is the next movie so let’s do this.

Too much movie

pepper and iron man

What is happening?  Why is this movie so long?  This movie is two hours why?  They could have condensed this movie into an hour and a half.  45 minutes into the movie and I just didn’t care.  The whole “he’s really working for the terrorist” angle is not surprising.  I’m also over the evil super soldier plot line.  We did this in Iron Man 2.  Also, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) is just a less entertaining Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell).  If you recall, I am not fond of the Hammer character.  So, you can imagine how I feel about this guy.  So maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe this is why I think this is boring.  They have done this already.

It looks like the writers and director crawled up their own butts with this flick.  I hate to make this comparison but one of the writers in the first Iron Man is a writer on episodes of The Expanse, a great show.  The first two movies are directed by Jon Favreau.  This movie is directed and written by Shane Black.  After looking at his IMDb, this is the only thing that he has done that I have heard of, with the exception of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Secure the suit

iron man suits

Oh my god this suit!  Stark needs to find a way to secure this stupid suit.  He knows that everyone wants the suit.  Hell, I am not a fan of Batman, but you cannot say he does not secure the suit.  Superman wears it under his clothes.  Get it together Stark!  You’re this super genius with all this money and you cannot secure the suit!

I hate this scene!

iron man 3 airplane scene

We have to talk about the airplane scene.  If it has been a while for you, let me refresh your memory.  One of Tony’s Iron Man suits is on Air Force One.  The plane explodes and 13 people shoot out of the plane.  Iron Man Suit flies out and catches one of the fallen.  Each one catches another and everyone’s rescued moments before they all slam into the ocean.  That is three minutes of my life I cannot get back.  I know we are supposed to suspend reality, but this is stupid.

The last fifteen minutes

iron man 3 final fight

I know it sounds like I hate every second of this movie.  However, the last fifteen minutes are great!  The fight between Killian, Stark, and the Iron Men is amazing.  Molten Pepper coming in and kicking Killian’s butt is a nice touch.    I just wish I did not have to sit through a bunch of mess to get to some good stuff.

The stinger (the scene after the credits) is pretty funny.  If you did not see it or remember what occurred, Tony is talking to frowny face Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo).  Apparently, all of the narration that occurs during the movie is Stark confiding in Banner.  But, Bruce fell asleep at the beginning of the story, meaning that Tony is talking to himself the entire time.  That is a cute scene.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner

Well, we finished Iron Man 3.  What did you think of this film?  Do you disagree with me and are entertained by it?  Let me know.  Next week, we have Thor: The Dark World.  Honestly, I have never seen this and look forward to giving you my thoughts.  I will see you see you for Anime Thursday!

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