Sunday Drama: I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper Eps. 3&4 (I hope your table is nailed down!)

Hi everybody!  Welcome to Sunday Drama.  This week is I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper episodes 3 and 4.  Here is the post about the first two episodes if you need a refresher.  What an emotional roller coaster!  Well, the cat’s out of the bag about the circumstances of the mother’s death.  Let’s dive in and find out what happens next.

Episode Three

If there is ever a time to flip a table, it is during this episode.  I’m going to skip around the episode a bit so that it makes sense.  Stupid Dad is the most infuriating character I have ever seen.  For you Game of Thrones fans, he is on Joffrey status.  So, you know the hatred is strong.  He makes a string of terrible decisions.  When oldest daughter Yui asks was he going to leave them along with the mother, do you know what the a-hole says?  He says he was going to leave enough money for alimony and child support!  Then he asks her to keep this a secret from the other kids, still trying to cover his butt.  Once the kids leave, he tells Mita that he did not want to be married and have a family in the first place.  Now, it would have been fine if he says this to Mita and Mita alone.  But then he says something in episode four that makes this more despicable.  So his kids are suffering and his family is falling apart, but he is still trying to hook-up with Kazama, the mistress.  I hate this dude.

child support

Yui is heartbroken at the recent discovery.  She begins to act out because her father’s a jerk, Mita is not one for advice, and her aunt’s an airhead.  In school, she slaps one of her classmates and disturbs the class (it was kind of justified because he was talking trash).  Yui is curious about Kazama the mistress.  She goes to work to confront her, but her father intervenes.  She finally confides in her boyfriend.  Yui winds up staying at her boo’s house and giving him the goods.  Not a constructive way to deal with issues Yui.  The next day, she asks Mita to go to Stupid Dad’s job and expose him as a cheater, liar, and responsible for the mom’s death.  Of course, Mita does the job by handing out fliers.

yui and boo.png

While all of this is happening, the younger kids are curious about Mita.  They go to the agency to try to get some information but to no avail.  When Mita comes to the agency, the kids hide and decide to follow her.  She goes to an amusement park, buys a tray of food for two, and sits there the entire day.  When the kids arrive home, they finally learn about the circumstances of their mother’s death.  It is a very emotional moment that left me a mess.  The kids decide to leave, even though little Kii wants to stay.

kids leave.png

Episode Four

The kids stay with their grandfather, and their mother’s sister Urara.  Meanwhile, Stupid Dad is lying around feeling sorry for himself instead of trying to get his kids.  I think he is more upset about the job transfer and his boo breaking up with him instead of his kids hating his guts.  Anyway, he tells Urara about the suicide and apologizes.  She says he does not have to apologize and vows not to tell her father, who already hates Stupid Dad.  He blames Mita for all of the trouble, not himself for deceiving his children.  He fires Mita who is unbothered by the situation.

mita quit.png

It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch little Kii deal with her family’s split.  Kii hires Mita to help her get the family back together.  Kii concocts a plan in her little Kindergarten mind to reunite her family.  She tells Mita to kidnap her and the only way the family can recover her is to reunite and go home.  Everyone starts looking for little Kii.  The kids and Stupid Dad find her at home on the second-floor balcony.  She says that if they do not reconcile, she is going to jump.  She slips off the balcony, but Mita catches her.  The dad slaps Kii and says she had them worried.  Mita gives her a tin that contains rocks the represents each of the family members.  The one that represents Stupid Dad is missing (symbolism much?).


Here is where I get deep in my feelings.  While they are looking for the rock, Kii asks Stupid Dad if he loves her. Do you know what he says?  He says he doesn’t know.  HE DOESN’T KNOW!!!!!  If I could’ve crawled through the screen and kicked him in the junk I would have!  This is the last straw for Yui.  She says that he should leave and she will take care of her younger siblings.  He agrees to do so, still not fighting for his family.  He asks Mita to take care of his children and she says she will.

move out.png

Well, I am emotionally drained.  What will happen with the children?  What will they ask of Mita?  I guess we will find out next week.  I will see you on Tuesday for MC Tuesday and Iron Man 3.



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