Sunday Drama: I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper Eps. 5 & 6

Hi everybody!  Welcome to Sunday Drama, where we watch a show from the drama tab on Crunchyroll.  Today, we will discuss episodes 5&6 of I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  I wish that I can watch an entire episode without getting into my feelings, but it does not look like that will be a possibility.   Last week, Stupid Dad moves out, leaving Mita as the only adult.  Let’s see what happens.

Episode Five

This episode mainly deals with Kakeru, the oldest son, and second oldest child.  Like Yui in a previous episode,  Kakeru is struggling to cope with the suicide of his mother and the incompetence of his father.  He is doing quite a bit of lashing out to deal with his pain.  He harshly chastises the basketball team, of which he is the captain.  This results in the team asking Kakeru to step down, but instead, he quits.  He gets arrested for punching a video arcade attendant.  Stupid Dad picks him up from the police station.  He nearly gets arrested for asking Mita to destroy his horrible neighbor’s house.  I will come back to the house because it is important.  Did I mention that he orders Mita to have sex with him?  Yui stops it before it happens.

Kakeru. I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper

Meanwhile, Stupid Dad is still stupid, but not as much as in the previous episode.  His sister-in-law confronts him about not telling little Kii he loves her.  As he is explaining how he is a selfish jerk (not his words), his father-in-law approaches adoption papers in hand.  Instead of telling the father-in-law he wants to keep his kids, he runs away.  I’m not talking metaphorically either, he literally runs away like a woman in a horror flick, leaving his spine in his wake.  He also finds out that his mistress has a new boyfriend while lurking in front of her apartment building like a creeper.

father, I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper

After the creepiness, Stupid Dad actually does something noble.  As I previously mentioned, Kakeru asks Mita to destroy the neighbor’s house.  Instead, she writes a message in spray paint reading “I want to protect my family”.  You see, Mita knows that this is the source of Kakeru’s angst.  When the horrible neighbor discovers the vandalism, she calls the police.  The dad comes to the house and begs the b-word not to press charges.  She agrees, as long as they clean off the paint.  Everyone pitches in to clean the mess, except for Yui who is with her boyfriend.  This is when Kakeru tells the family that he wants to protect the family but he does not know how.  Then (get your Kleenex ready), little Kii says that she will protect him.  Yui comes home as the family eats ramen and Stupid Dad leaves.

Dad asking for forgiveness, I'm Mita Your Housekeeper

The episode ends with Kakeru returning to the team, begging their forgiveness.  The last scene shows Mita paying a commission to the woman in charge of the cleaning service.  It is here where the show drops a huge bomb.  Mita has a son…WHO IS DEAD!  I had to clutch my pearls.  On to episode six!

Episode Six

In this episode, the grandfather tells the children he wants to adopt them.  They do not want to live with him, a point the Yui drives home by saying that he makes everyone miserable.  Yui is fed up with her home life.  She decides to run away with her boo.  Yui waits for him, but he never shows.  She finds him at the school flirting with another girl.  As you can imagine, Yui is devastated.  She tries to jump off a bridge, but Urara saves her and takes her home.  Once home, Yui asks Mita to kill her.  Mita tries to stab her, but Yui says to stop at the last minute.  Yui again tells Mita to kill her, even if she asks her to stop.  Mita tries to stab her again, but Yui runs all over the house trying to get away.  Yui manages to get the knife away from Mita.

Yui and Mita, I'm Mita Your Housekeeper

Meanwhile, the rest of the kids are looking for Yui.  They enlist the help of Stupid Dad.  Failing to find her, they return home.  There, they find Yui with the knife.  Yui turns the knife from Mita to herself.  Mita tells Yui that she has people that will be saddened if she dies.  Stupid Dad behaves like a good father when he tells Yui that without her, the family would fall apart.  Each sibling tells Yui why she needs to be around.  Little Kii has me in tears when she says that Yui needs to do her hair.  It was quite a moving scene.

Yui with knife, I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper

Yui puts the knife downs.  She asks Stupid Dad to prove that he loves them and that they are the most important thing to him.  Stupid Dad leaves to go get his things from the hotel and return to his family.  It looks like Stupid Dad is finally redeeming himself.  But, he gets a phone call from Kazama, his former mistress, and she is begging for his help.  She has already severed ties with Stupid Dad, started dating someone else, and told Stupid Dad not to talk to her after he tells her that the new man is using her.  Will he return to the children and repair his broken family?  Or, will he go to Kazama, proving that his own selfish desires trump the emotional needs of his children?  I’m hoping for the former, but I’m betting on the latter.

Yui asking dad for proof, I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper

The episode ends with another bombshell.  Mita’s family is dead…AND SHE KILLED THEM!

Well, that’s it for episodes five and six.  I know everyone went and saw Black Panther over the weekend, but it comes later in our Marvel timeline.  I will discuss Black Panther in April.  In the meantime, I will see you Tuesday for Thor: The Dark World.



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