Sunday Drama: I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper eps 10 & 11

Hi everybody!  Welcome to Sunday Drama.  Today, we will conclude the emotional journey that is I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  They should call it “I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper That Will Get Your Life Together”.  These are the final two regular episodes.  They have a special but it is just highlights from the show.  I like last week’s format of just speaking generally of the show.  So let’s wrap it up!

Momma Mita

Mita Mom.png

The kids ask Mita to be their mother.  She agrees to do so.  When she takes on this role, she becomes a completely different person.  She becomes a strict matriarch.  The big, beautiful meals they are used to become meager.  She does not have time for whining or spoiled behavior from the kids.  She even registers to marry Keiichi.  Be careful what you wish for kids!

The kids are miserable.  They turn to the one person they think can help them, their auntie Urara.  So they go to the chapel where Urara is about to marry she does not love and pleads for her help.  Urara leaves the wedding (which is fine because the dude didn’t want to marry her anyway) and goes to the house.  Mita makes the kids choose…either Urara goes or Mita goes.  The kids choose Urara to stay.

Man-up, Urara!


As Mita leaves the house, Urara chases her down the street.  Mita starts slapping her over and over.  Urara finally gets mad and tackles Mita.  Mita tells her that she should express those emotions.  Get angry, cry when you feel like it, and smile when you’re happy.  You see, Urara is used to running around with a fake, goofy smile on her face.  Mita essentially tells her to stop being fake and mentor the kids.  Yes, Mita!  Get that girl together!

Mita Changes Too!

Mita Smiles.png

Throughout the show, Mita helps this family recover from the devastating loss of the children’s mother.  Now Keiichi, the kids, Urara, and the kids’ grandfather are now one big happy family.   Even the awful woman next door changes for the better due to Mita’s influence.  But, the growth goes both ways. If you recall, Mita blames herself for the death of her husband and son, hence never smiling.  But, after she announces that she is moving to Okinawa, Keiichi gives her one final order, to smile.  She smiles, as each child shows their gratitude to Mita by saying they will be there for her if she needs them.  I guess it is impossible for me to go a whole episode without crying.  Anyway, it is indeed a beautiful moment.


This show tackles some important issues.  The biggest issue is suicide and its effect on those left behind.  Everyone blamed themselves for the mother’s suicide, including the mistress.  The family went through life pretending like everything is okay when there is a significant amount of pain.  The grief is nearly unbearable.

In the midst of this darkness comes another important theme, the strength of family.  Not only did Mita save this family, this family saved each other.  The pain of loss in this family is healed by the love and support they have for one another.  This love and support extend to Mita, who is like family.

If you are going through something, I hope you will reach out to someone.  They may not be Mita, but there are people there to support you, including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).  We all feel overwhelmed sometimes.  It is okay to reach out for help.

Wrap it up

Well, that’s it for I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  This is a good show (except for the actress that plays Yui cannot fake cry.  It gets on my nerves).  Next week, we will watch a movie.  I’m not sure which movie so I’m open to suggestions.  Until then, I will see you for MC Tuesday where we are back with the Guardians!

yui cry.png
This is Yui’s cry!  Lol!





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