Marvel Cinematic Tuesday: Avengers: Infinity War. Spoilers!!!

Welcome to MC Tuesday, where we discuss a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Well, It has all led to this.  Back in January, we began a journey that started with Captain America: The First Avenger.  We journeyed through good times with movies like Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy.  We’ve seen amazing times like Civil War and Black Panther.  And let’s not forget the bad times with Ant-Man.  Each movie gives us a little glimpse into the introduction of the most destructive force humanity has ever seen, and the most shocking ending so far.  I’m talking about Avengers: Infinity War.  The movie is directed by the very rich Russo brothers, who brought you Civil War, The Winter Soldier, and the next Avengers movie.  Okay friends, it’s time.  Spoilers guys…spoilers!!!

 Heroes Everywhere in Infinity War


I loved that all of the heroes are not consolidated in one space.  Though I loved Civil War and The Winter Soldier, the scenes can feel chaotic with eight or more heroes in one place. In this movie, we have all the heroes (except for Ant-Man and Hawkeye).  Thankfully, they are everywhere, this planet, other planets, Wakanda, everywhere.  This gives us the opportunity to see awesome interactions such as the Bucky and Rocket meeting, egomaniacs Stark and Dr. Strange competing to see who is the biggest jerk,  and the Guardians fawning over Thor.



The introduction of Thanos (James Brolin) is a little surprising.  It’s not his actual presence, because everyone knew Thanos premiers in Infinity War.  It is his behaviors and motivations that takes you off guard.  For instance, he kills his “adopted” daughter Gamora, but he feels really bad about it.  The betrayal bothers him, just like a father should feel about betraying his daughter.

Besides his guilt, Thanos’ goals are understandable.  He sees the depletion of the universe’s resources and thinks that the best way to eradicate this problem is to eliminate half the population.  I’m not condoning the elimination part but, like Killmonger’s aims in Black Panther,  I understand the intent behind the heinous act.  He’s not like Loki who wants to rule, he just wants to alleviate suffering.  You could just generate more resources you maniac!

The Ending


I’m glad that the movie theatre did not have insects, because my mouth was to the floor when the movie ended.  The child in you always want the heroes to triumph in the end.  So when Thanos is sitting in his hut enjoying the sunrise after eliminating most of our heroes, it leaves you a little devastated.  When sweet baby Spider-Man (Tom Holland) died, I was inconsolable.

The Stinger (spoiler)


This is probably one of the most important stingers thus far.  As Nick Fury is vaporizing, he pages someone (for you youngsters, a pager was a way for people to contact you before the widespread use of cellphones).  On the screen, we see a symbol.  The guy sitting next to me informs me that it is the symbol for Captain Marvel.

Wrapping it Up

Well, there you have it!  What a wild ride through the MCU.  The next movie due to release is Ant-Man and Wasp on July 6.  Though I’m not looking forward to the movie, I’m curious to know where it fits in the timeline.  In the meantime, join me next week for a Marvel Runaways recap.   I will see you on Anime Thursday!

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