Happy Blog-A-Versary Couch Cruisin!

Hi Everybody!  Can you believe I have been blogging for one full year?  I can’t!  I thought I would grow tired of my little hobby.  But, in blogging, I found a place to express myself and find an amazing community of interesting and creative minds.  I’m excited that I’m still passionate about blogging (I know it doesn’t seem like it in these past few posts since I’m running late).  I’m even luckier to have the support of my hub, who believes in my talent.  In honor of my first anniversary as a blogger, I thought I would look back at a few blog posts.  If I’m sassy enough to critique other’s work, then I need to be capable of critiquing myself.  Let’s dive in!

The First Post


The first post is Welcome To Couch Cruisin!  Sit Down and Let’s Summer!  The first thing I absolutely hate about the post is that I refer to myself as a “cruise director”.  I also say “fellow travelers”.  Now, I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I’m corny, but I take it too far with the whole “cruise” theme.   Jeez!  There are billion-and-one topics in this post.  Let me catch you up on everything I talked about in that first post.  I still haven’t finished Persona 5, I don’t play Street Fighter 5 anymore, I pick up Injustice only when there’s new DLC, I’m still a Whovian, and Dragon Ball Super was amazing!  As for Game of Thrones, I will probably forget most of the story by the time season nine rolls around.

Getting Focused


I did not really focus on specific content until mid-October.  This was my Juni Taisen: Zodiac War review.  This is when I zeroed-in on anime.  I actually like this post.  Man, how much did I hate Boar aka Toshiko?  I call her skank so much you think she slept with my husband.  Too bad the show did not live up to expectations.   The story was not deep enough for all of that character-centric story.  They should have stuck with the action.  At any rate, I love that anime is the focus of my content.  I never get tired of running my mouth about it.



Early January was when I introduced MC Tuesday and Sunday Drama.  My first MC Tuesday movie is Captain America: The First Avenger.  I hate that I did not talk about Peggy in that post.  I devoted an entire section to Tommy Lee Jones.  Peggy has her own show and we see her a few times throughout our MCU adventure.  But, I did not mention her once.


My first Sunday Drama post was High School Entrance Exam.  This is the beginning of an important learning moment.  I limited myself to strict deadlines.  I have to finish “this” show by the end of the month.  That’s too limiting, especially to my creativity.  This first post is too long because I’m trying to explain three episodes.

My Favorite Post


To date, my favorite post is my “Life Imitates Anime” post on The Future Diary and the Long Island Lolita true crime case.  I combined my two favorite subjects, anime and true-crime.  Every podcast I listen to has true crime content (Serial, True Crime Obsessed, Wine and Crime, My Favorite Murder, and Last Podcast on the Left).  It was fun trying to draw connections between the anime and the sensationalized media circus of the Amy Fisher case.

What’s Next For Couch Cruisin’?

In the next year, I hope to reach more people with my little blog.  I will continue watching and writing about anime and the MCU.  I will eventually bring back Sunday Drama because I missed it.  I actually returned to college to gain some more skills to support my blog.  There are some other ideas I have in the works for 2019.  I’m excited about the future of Couch Cruisin’!

Thank You



Thank you to everyone who reads, likes, and comments on my blog.  To my fellow bloggers, thank you so much for entertaining, supporting, and inspiring me.  To the friends and family that read my blog, I appreciate your support both here and in my life.  To the love of my life, thank you for believing in me, even when I doubt myself.

That’s it, everyone!  Here’s to a great year with many more to come!  This Sunday, I need to show a blogging buddy a little appreciation.  See ya then!


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